External relations & marketing officer

African Mental Health Awareness and Care Initiative Nigeria (AMHACI)

Job Summary

Our motivation is to promote, defend, develop, implement and take all necessary actions to ensure and protect the Mental Health Well-Being of Nigerians. The World Health Organization has demonstrated that Mental Health problems will take the lead of the most devastating non-communicable illnesses by 2030 if we continue to ignore the alarming sings of deterioration of quality of life.

  • Minimum Qualification: Degree
  • Experience Level: Mid level
  • Experience Length: 3 years

Job Description

The African Mental Health Awareness and Care Initiative NIGERIA (AMHACI) is a Non-Governmental Organisation keen in saving as many lives as possible and provide access to true high-quality Mental Health services, we usually don't provide direct clinical services. We have for mission to inspire and empower people, governments, institutions, corporations, organisations to engage in positive change through mental health advocacy, support, accreditation and training. 

Project Summary

  • In a context of extreme poverty and crisis, at AMHACI we understand how difficult it is to prioritize Mental Health, when there are so many other aspects of health at stake. But the recent findings are now correlating mental health to numerous health-related problems but also social and economical instability. Mental health problems at early stage are greatly challenged by the invisibility or underlying symptoms we relate wrongly too often as normal emotional state. Before getting to a stage of formal mental health diagnosis, in most cases, there are lengthy progression by repeated exposition to conducive factors. Distress, frustrations, trauma, non-managed feelings, anger, feelings of unfairness are adding up to other stress everyone confronts daily. The limits of tolerance are set by psychological parameters we don’t control neither decide. To avoid catastrophic outcomes, in a country where there are so much needs, AMHACI invests in prevention to decrease the footprint left by addiction, conflicts even corruption, considered human destructive behaviours with serious collateral damages. This can jeopardize a whole country’s future and for that reason, AMHACI is engaged in sustainable solutions.

AMHACI has also developed 2 specific programs:

  • HEADS’UP to encourage the accreditation of mental health professionals and NGO’s willing to reach international standards of practices and get an international recognition.
  • DREAMS’UP is designed to intervene in each State and provide support to all layers of the communities and everywhere, where a response is needed and bring hope with various entrepreneurial projects.
  • In its progression of deployment, AMHACI is opening 3 internship positions. These positions are to begin as soon as possible with a mandate of 10 weeks, with the possibility to fill new vacant positions January 1st.

Detailed Description

  • The External Relations & Marketing Officer is responsible for planning and leading all global external communications and advocacy activities for AMHACI. This includes working with key members of the project team to organise global level advocacy activities, events and communications outputs to share progress, learning and challenges of the project in support of the achievement of its goals.
  • Beyond the responsibility for planning, developing and disseminating reports, briefs and publications, the ERM Officer will be responsible to organize and plan the International Mental Health Symposium and other important events. The post holder must be capable to engage with different media outputs and managing content of the website in collaboration with the Communication Team.
  • Responsible of the image of AHMACI, its reputation based on integrity, the ERM Officer will do monitoring and evaluating the impact of advocacy, communications and resource mobilisation activities at a global level, in alignment with existing M&E tools.
  • We are looking for a candidate that is passionate about his work, professional and dedicated, preferably with already an international NGO experience. The candidate must provide his own working tools. Beyond the profile of competences and experiences, the candidate must comply with the AMHACI philosophy based on empowerment and its values: Empathy, humility, integrity and excellence.

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