Direct Sales Agent


Job Summary

FundsCentral is a Peer-to-Peer lending platform where lenders meet credit-worthy borrowers.

  • Minimum Qualification: Diploma
  • Experience Level: No Experience
  • Experience Length: No Experience/Less than 1 year

Job Description

We are creating an open opportunity for capable candidates to join our sales force and work on a part-time basis.

The successful candidate would have the following responsibilities:

To introduce, sign-up or on-board lenders and borrowers, after conducting proper KYC on them, and maintain an on-going Customer Due Diligence, as part of the risk management framework of the platform.

To actively engage existing and prospective borrowers and lenders, in order to generate quality loan transactions.
To conduct a first level review of a loan request and recommend same, only if repayment is not in doubt, and the details/documents provided by the borrower are authentic.

To closely monitor running loans and ensure they are repaid as and when due. Each agent’s dashboard has a set of tools for real-time credit administration.

Follow up on loan defaulters and recover the funds, as the agent must have vouched for the borrower before loan disbursement, agreeing to bear total responsibility for the loan performance. This is to guarantee the safety of lenders’ funds, for the sake of business continuity.

To take or advise, when deemed necessary,  precautionary measures like:
discontinuation of a transaction after observing a red flag,
 collection of a post-dated cheque when deemed necessary etc.

Risk management decisions concerning an agent's client, is at the discretion of the agent, provided the decisions are within the confines of the company’s policy.

- To carry out any other duty as may be assigned by the Admin, concerning an agent’s client.

The recruitment exercise will be in the following order:

Online Application
Online Training

Post Training Assessment
Security Background Check of applicant

HR Decision/Documentation

Our remuneration is commission-based and will be paid out monthly.

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