Cvil enigneer/structural enigneer

Job Summary

He/She must be C.O.R.E.N(Council of Registered Engineers of Nigeria) certified. He/She must have an experience of a least 10 years

  • Minimum Qualification: HND
  • Experience Level: Senior level
  • Experience Length: 10 years

Job Description

Fabnesis seeks to fill the above position with suitable and qualified persons.

Job Brief:

  • Role of a civil engineer is vital for construction project. Here, we have restricted the role of civil engineer up to house construction only. The activities carried out in construction works (of a house here) are highly dynamic in nature. Sometimes unexpected decisions and actions have to be taken spontaneously on construction site. Depending upon the type of work on/off site the role of a civil engineer varies. Role of civil engineer in various construction works is not constrained (or rather fixed) to any particular task.The role of the structural engineer is a key component in the construction process. Part of the wider discipline of civil engineering, structural engineering is concerned with the design and physical integrity of buildings and other large structures, like tunnels and bridges. Structural engineers have wide range of responsibilities - not least a duty to ensure the safety and durability of the project on which they are working.

Job Description

  • preparing reports, designs and drawings
  • making calculations about loads and stresses
  • selecting appropriate construction materials
  • providing technical advice
  • obtaining planning and/or building regulations approval
  • liaising with relevant professional staff such as architects
  • monitoring and inspecting work undertaken by contractors
  • administering contracts

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