customer service coordinator

Job Summary

Guide, support and promote the distributors to achieve available bonus and contest.

  • Minimum Qualification: HND
  • Experience Level: Entry level
  • Experience Length: 1 year

Job Description

Omnilife is a Mexican company that manufactures and distributes food supplements to 18 countries around the world. Omnilife's mission is to be people who take care of people and the environment; We promote the integral well-being of society through companies that, from their diversity, provide innovative proposals to generate and share abundance and success. 

Main Objective

  • Monitoring and solution to the dist. Applications. Offer a quality service. Support in several events organized by the company.
  • Planify and support all the logistics in local and international travels.
  • Promote all the out bond campaigns in the distribution centers.


  • Ensure excellent customer services by training employees and providing feedback to existing employees regarding areas of improvement and development
  • "Supervise team productivity, monitor workload, and address periods of peak volume, ensure quality and standards are consistently achieved and guidelines are followed and met
  • "Maintain quality customer service by supervising the tasks and responsibilities of all assigned staff of the customer service department/call center department
  • Ensure all incoming calls from clients and/or customers are executed in a professional, polite, and courteous manner
  • Make and execute the activation and sponsorship plans. Distributors (Dist.) Applications authorized budget and requirements for internal orders. Capture of orders in sap
  • Advise entrepreneurs about compliance with ethical standards. Follow up to "kimera" tickets on ethics. The follow-up to the payments related to dist.
  • Events operation and coordination with events area and distributors support area. Make quotations with suppliers related to different events.
  • Guide and coordinate the implementation of applications with México adjustments area. Take care of dist. With procedures related to ethics area.
  • Promote the bases of the contest with the CEDIS, staff, business centers, Dist. Leaders and the call center (CREO). Capture retail notes (if applicable). Send SMS messages, emails, promotional messages, etc. Preparation of promotional material for CEDIS and events.
  • Attend requirements for change periods points. Application of balances for dist. Release and filing of contracts in "standby" registered by the call center (CREO)
  • Assign keys for dist. Statements or to get into the official Omnilife web page Omnilife. Together with the legal area review different process (judicial foreclosure
  • Visit business centers to check corresponding registration, updates, flipcharts and/or confirmation of meetings schedules. Arrange meetings with leaders dist.
  • Send all list of bonus winners. Coordination of delivery of bonus recognition with CEDIS and during events. Develop and delivery of letters and others documents to qualified dist. By month.
  • Process requested letters by dist. Account registration for payment of commissions. Orders tracking.
  • Monitoring and give a solution to dist. Related with bonus qualifications and contests. Receipt, review, and changes of sponsors files, assignment of rights, cancellation of contracts.
  • Registration and solution of tickets in "kimera" (except items related with operations - complaints of product, missing products in CEDIS,, etc.). Making advertising material, and audiovisual materials for events.
  • Support in tracking outbound calling campaigns (all kinds of campaigns). Support in verifying the correct promotion of bonus bases and contest and support in the corresponding bonus bases understanding by the Staff.
  • With Ethics Area: coordination of field research with CEDIS staff

Required Competencies and Qualifications

  • Strong Ability to build and foster relationships
  • Demonstrate persistence, tenacity, ability to overcome obstacles, and strive to improve skills and achieve goals
  • Proficiency with Microsoft Office
  • "Strong organizational, written and verbal communication, as well as time management skills"
  • Self-discipline and tenacity
  • Ability to develop and maintain good working relationships with others
  • Excellent customer service ability
  • Excellent time management and organizational skills
  • Ability to lead, direct, and motivate others

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