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Job Summary

A company with the vision of growing a multidisciplinary team in order to offer a broad spectrum of specialist in various fields is currently seeking for qualified candidates to fill the role of a Chief Administrative Officer (CAO)

  • Minimum Qualification: MPhil / PhD
  • Experience Level: Executive level
  • Experience Length: 5 years

Job Description


As the Chief Administrative Officer, you will:

  • Serve as the focal point for directing and coordinating the activities of the following departments: Marketing, Sales & Strategy, Finance, Information & Communication Technology, Legal, Human Resources, Medical, Safety, QC/QA, and Procurement; along with the Executive Secretary office.
  • Be responsible for providing oversight and executive leadership for a variety of assignments in connection with the management and activities of the Mint.
  • Directs and effects organizational changes, delegations of authority, reallocations of staff and financial resources to make the necessary changes to continually enhance the Mint’s culture.
  • Identify the need for performance-management and organizational-transformation initiatives and is responsible for transitioning those initiatives into ongoing and sustainable Mint activities.
  • Review and identify the need for (as necessary) legislative and Department policy proposals affecting management activities.
  • Coordinate and consult with senior management staff of other agencies and external stakeholders regarding major initiatives, actions accomplished, milestones to be achieved, and significant problems or issues related to the above.
  • Provide leadership and guidance in the conduct of special short- and long-range management studies of major concern to the CEO.
  • Carry out special and controversial assignments for the Mint that may arise from new or proposed legislation, changes in program emphasis, emergencies, or other matters affecting the management, functions, and activities of the Mint.

Requirements/Conditions of Employment

  • Must be Nigeria Citizens or Nigeria Nationals
  • Must not be more than 30 years
  • Must have completed his/her doctorate degree
  • Please Preview to Review the entire announcement before applying.
  • As a basic requirement for entry into the CNEK Group, you must provide evidence of your Birth Certificate, Degree Certificates or Results, progressively responsible leadership experience that is indicative of senior executive level management capability; and that is directly related to the skills and abilities outlined under the Executive Core Qualifications (ECQs) and Technical/Professional Qualifications (TPQs) listed below.
  • Candidates must meet all of the following qualification requirements by the closing date of this announcement, including general management skills and characteristics applicable to all CNEK Global Resources Limited, positions AND technical or program responsibilities specific to this position.


You must meet the following requirements by the closing date of this announcement:

  • Guidance on Addressing the ECQs and TPQs: Use your overall set of professional and volunteer experiences, education and training, accomplishments, awards and potential in describing your ECQ's and TPQ's. Be clear and concise, using examples that demonstrate the scope and quality of your experiences, accomplishments, and/or potentially relevant to each ECQ and TPQ.


  • When addressing the ECQs, describe your responses using Challenge, Context, Action, and Results (C-C-A-R).
  • Identify what the challenge was, the context or environment you were operating in/under, the specific actions you took and what the results of those actions were.
  • Responses to ECQs must not exceed 10 pages. Narrative statements may NOT exceed 2 pages for each individual ECQ. If you exceed these limits you will not be considered.
  • Please be advised that the individual selected for this position will likely require certification. If you are already certified, submit proof such as a copy of the certification.
  • Each of the following competencies is the foundation for success in each of the Executive Core Qualifications: Interpersonal Skills, Oral Communication, Written Communication, Integrity/Honesty, Continual learning, and Public Service Motivation.
  • The essay competencies address the Executive Core Qualifications (ECQ's). Your responses are required for each of these ECQ's, graduates of Institute of Corporate Administration or other professional admin bodies do not need to submit ECQ narratives but you must clearly state your status in your resume. However, All Candidates must submit narrative responses for the Technical Qualifications listed below.
  • ECQ 1: Leading Change - This core qualification involves the ability to bring about strategic change, both within and outside the organization, to meet organizational goals. Inherent to this ECQ is the ability to establish an organizational vision and to implement it in a continuously changing environment.
  • ECQ 2: Leading People - This core qualification involves the ability to lead people toward meeting the organization's vision, mission, and goals. Inherent to this ECQ is the ability to provide an inclusive workplace that fosters the development of others, facilitates cooperation and teamwork, and supports constructive resolution of conflicts.
  • ECQ 3: Results Driven - This core qualification involves the ability to meet organizational goals and customer expectations. Inherent to this ECQ is the ability to make decisions that produce high-quality results by applying technical knowledge, analyzing problems, and calculating risks.
  • ECQ 4: Business Acumen - This core qualification involves the ability to manage human, financial, and information resources strategically.
  • ECQ 5: Building Coalitions - This core qualification involves the ability to build coalitions internally, CNEK Group, and with other companies partnering with CNEK Group or international organizations to achieve common goals.

Mandatory Technical Qualifications (TQs)

  • All applicants must submit a written narrative response to the following TQs. Please give examples and explain how often you used your skills, the complexity of the knowledge possessed, the level of people you interacted with, the sensitivity of the issues you handled, etc. Narrative statements may NOT exceed 2 pages for each individual TQ. If you exceed these limits you will not be considered.
  • TPQ 1. Describe your experience working collaboratively with internal and external stakeholders to develop a strategic vision and set of priorities for a product and technology development organization, and then successfully leading and driving their implementation using well-structured processes.
  • TPQ 2. Describe your experience leading human resources programs and operations for a complex, and geographically-dispersed organization or federal agency, to include developing performance measures for employee accountability, and examining ways to streamline and enhance business processes so that they are more customer-focused.
  • TPQ 3. Describe your subject matter expertise and leadership experience in key administrative management operations such as human resources, communication & information technology, and finance.
  • TPQ 4. Describe your experience supervising senior leaders in Design Management, Finance, Information Technology, Human Resources, Legislative Affairs, Corporate Communications, and/or Executive Secretarial level organizational/transformational program activities.


  • The education generally must be a doctorate degree from an accredited university recognized by the National University Commission.

Additional information

  • We may select from this announcement or any other source to fill one or more vacancies.
  • This is a Non-bargaining unit position.
  • We offer opportunities for flexible work schedules.
  • Travel may be required.
  • Veterans Preference does not apply to CNEK Global Resources Limited, CNEK Petroleum Limited and other CNEK Group Positions.

Conditions of Employment

  • A three months probationary period for initial CNEK Global Resources appointment is required.
  • Must successfully complete a background investigation.
  • Complete a Declaration for Federal Employment to determine your suitability for Federal employment, at the time requested by the agency.
  • Go through a Personal Identity Verification (PIV) process
  • File a Confidential Financial Disclosure Report within 30 days of appointment and annually from then on.
  • Undergo income tax registration/verification.

How You Will Be Evaluated

  • You will be evaluated for this job based on how well you meet the qualifications above.

Your Application includes your:

  • Resume
  • Birth certificate
  • Doctorate degree certificate, result or evidence of degree completion
  • Responses to each Executive Core Qualification and Technical Professional Qualification (Email the documents), AND
  • Any supporting documents for non-competitive consideration.
  • We use a multi-step process to evaluate and refer applicants.

Minimum Requirements

  • Your application must show that you meet all requirements, including the education required for this position.
  • You may be found "not qualified" if you do not possess the minimum competencies required for the position.
  • If your application is incomplete, we may rate you as ineligible


  • A panel of Senior Executives will review your application and evaluate your qualifications for this position based on the information in your application. Interviews will be at the discretion of the panel and/or selecting official.
  • Your application will be rated, based on your education, and training relevant to the duties of this position.


  • If you are among the top qualified candidates, your application may be referred to a selecting official for consideration. You may be required to participate in a selection interview:
  • Background checks and security clearance
  • Security clearance
  • Top Secret
  • Drug test required


  • A career with the CNEK Group provides employees with a comprehensive benefits package. You and your family will have access to a range of benefits that are designed to make your career very rewarding.
  • Our comprehensive benefits are very generous. Our benefits package includes:
  • Challenging work, opportunities for advancement, competitive salaries, bonuses, and incentive awards.
  • Ten paid holidays, 13 days of sick leave, and 13 to 26 days of vacation time each year.
  • Access to insurance programs that may be continued after you retire.
  • A retirement program which includes employer-matching contributions.
  • Eligibility for benefits depends on your progress or growth rate in CNEK Group and whether your position is full-time, part-time, or intermittent.

Required Documents


  • Written narrative responses to address each Executive Core Qualification (ECQ) not to exceed 2 pages for each ECQ but no more than a total of 10 pages.
  • Written narrative responses to address each Technical Professional Qualification (TPQ) not to exceed 2 pages for each TPQ.
  • Non-competitive applicants: Proof of non-competitive eligibility is required. Proof of certification of your executive core qualifications from the professional bodies.
  • Note 1: Non-competitive applicants do not need to submit ECQ narratives but you must clearly state your status in your resume. Proof of non-competitive eligibility is required.
  • Note 2: All applicants must submit a written narrative response to the Technical Professional Qualification. The company has the option of considering you non-competitively or including you in the competitive process.
  • Veterans Preference does not apply to Senior Executive Service.

Education Documentation

  • If you are qualifying for this position, submit a copy of your certificate or transcripts or equivalent. An official transcript will be required if you are selected.
  • If you are qualifying based on foreign education, you must submit proof of creditability of education as evaluated by a credentialing agency.
  • Failure to provide all of the required information as stated in this vacancy announcement may result in an ineligible rating or may affect the overall rating.

How to Apply?

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