Camp boss


Job Summary

Responsible for overall camp management and maintenance;

  • Minimum Qualification: Degree
  • Experience Level: Mid level
  • Experience Length: 5 years

Job Description

Direct Supervisor

Catering and House Keeping Manager

Final Report to

Managing Director


Education / Experience:

A degree in Management or equivalent obtained from a reputable school or vocational school with a minimum of 7 years of field experience and a relevant strong interest for the Job

Experience in management and supervision of others; ability to take a strong leadership role

Experience in working as part of a strong team

Strong positive attitude

Ability to address problems quickly and effectively

Basic computer skills including spread sheets, word processing and email

Valid driver’s license

Skills & Special Requirements:

Considerable knowledge of mechanical, carpentry, building construction, and electrical skills.

Ability to supervise the work.

Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with people and general public.

Ability to deal with employees from multi-cultural backgrounds.

Ability to maintain financial records.

Ability to work independently.


Responsible for overall camp management and maintenance;

Responsible for managing the maintenance and repairs on camp sites / facilities to insure successful operation;

Ensure work is performed independently within established policies and procedures under the general direction of the Administrative superior.

Direct and supervises staff to operate dining facilities.

Assumes responsibility for checking in and out camp grounds and non-camp groups and maintenance records;

Inspects all camp facilities and reports to relevant authorities.

Supervises and orients camp Laborers.

Assumes responsibility for maintaining standard first aid supplies;

Maintains liaison with in-house nursing staff and medical clinics in the area;

Assumes responsibility for weekly camp attendance summary, financial records and other required reports;

Assumes responsibility for security of camp facilities and camp personnel;

Assumes responsibility for inventory of ordered equipment and supplies;

Responsible for operational activities in the camp or rig under his supervision, ensuring the daily good management of the location;

Carry out the daily, weekly and monthly duties as lay out by the Company 

Fill and keep record of administrative forms in accordance with the Company rules.

Supervise and take part to the training of staff, according to the rules of HSE, Food Hygiene and Safety, etc.;

Responsible for requests made to HQ, stocking and stock checking in addition to cost control reporting according to the rules made by the Company, always ensuring a minimum stock quantity for each item.

Responsible for cold and dry stores in the location; He is the only person entitled to keep the keys and will be responsible for any eventual shortages;

The Camp Boss must be clean, tidy and shall follow diligently the disciplinary rules laid out by management

Monthly Inventory with reported expiry date of all products;

Records of extra services rendered to Clients, duly signed by the Client, reporting the number of budgeted Projects or refer to object or person, in order to be invoiced.

Keep a record and recap of the weekly menu agreed with the Client, duly signed by the Client and Camp Boss and sent to the main office, with all documents.

Fill the Local staff Timesheet and attendance register.

Coordinate staff remuneration and payment

Salary: 100000-150000

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