Bakery Manager

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Job Summary

A client of ours is seeking qualified candidates to fill this role

  • Minimum Qualification: Degree
  • Experience Level: Entry level
  • Experience Length: 1 year

Job Description

  • Lead the marketing effort to drive sales of the bakery, utilising the requisite marketing tools (product, price, place, promotion) and channels (offline and online channels; in- store and delivery channels)
  • Managing the bakery’s online and social media platforms (website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc.)
  • ensure that all customers have a pleasant experience and that the brand’s reputation is upheld
  • Attends to customer queries and complaints


  • Working with the baker(s) to devise and implement a clear and documented production process, including recipes and portioning for each item on the menu coordination of shifts and rotas for their staff to ensure that there are enough members of the team working to cover all open hours.
  • Responsible for supervising preparation and cooking areas and checking that all hygiene standards are met.
  • Ensuring that the bakery is clean and has a safe and welcoming ambience at all times
  • Assign and oversee duties to make sure that all tasks are done to the appropriate standard by closing time.
  • Ensuring that the bakery equipment is efficiently utilised, effectively maintained and safeguarded
  • Finance and Procurement:
  • Estimating the unit costs of each item on the menu with a view to establishing profitability per item;
  • controlling and optimising the efficiency of operational costs, including portion control and quantities.
  • Administering payroll
  • Manage the budget and make sure that the business’ financial records are kept up to date
  • Providing input into the appropriate accounting and record keeping systems to be utilised
  • Devising an efficient and effective procurement process, leveraging staff members and liaising with vendors
  • Creating an effective process for issuing out production items to staff members


Support the training and development of members of staff by facilitating training programmes and on-the-job learning experiences

Skills and Attributes

  • Leadership skills – Ability to effectively manage a team, lead by example, forge strong workrelationships and create an enjoyable work environment
  • Customer service – Ability to remain polite, courteous, and professional at all times
  • Communication skills – communicating effectively with staff, vendors and customers alike.
  • Ability to give clear direction to enable the smooth running of shifts
  • Business aptitude – managing budgets, schedules, and inventory is all part of the manager’s role, so having a talent for business helps the restaurant to run properly and ensures that it
  • meets its targets
  • Problem-solving – Ability to troubleshoot and find solutions to customer complaints or personnel issues is critical
  • Time management – Ability to prioritise, keep track of schedules and shifts and ensure that all necessary tasks get done each day

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