Africa country scm manager

Subsea 7

Job Summary

The role of the Country SCM Manager is to lead the Country SCM Team interfacing with Subsea 7 Africa SCM Management. The Country SCM Manager is managing its suppliers within the Country, between Projects, Tendering, function and country, and ensure that the SCM Processes and the Africa SCM Strategy are applied.

  • Minimum Qualification: MBA / MSc
  • Experience Level: Executive level
  • Experience Length: 7 years

Job Description

Subsea 7 is a world-leading seabed-to-surface engineering, construction and services contractor to the offshore energy industry. We provide cost-effective technical solutions to enable the delivery of complex projects in all water depths and challenging environments.

Description of Function

The Main Goals are:

  • Organise and manage the SCM Department of the Country.
  • Set up of an ethical environment and ensure that suppliers are fairly treated.
  • Ensure that Africa/Group SCM processes and tools are used.
  • Ensure that SCM tools are correctly deployed and used.
  • Support Africa Region action regarding local suppliers and local SCM Strategy.
  • Implement purchasing strategy as defined and validated by Africa SCM Manager and Country Resident Manager and proceed to local purchasing accordingly.
  • Ensure all interfaces between the Country and the Africa SCM department related to local contents issues.
  • Provide to projects trained and efficient SCM personnel.
  • Ensure a cost-effective and control delivery of goods/services by suppliers to the agreed scope, terms and conditions, specifications,… .
  • Ensure lessons learnt are captured, integrated in processes and tolls and disseminated.
  • Ensure all interfaces between the Country and the Africa Region in order to control, manage and optimise the local transit and customs clearance; record and measure the process, propose improvement.
  • Manage operationally the in-country part of Subcontract delegated by Africa SCM Manager and the Country Resident Manager.
  • Ensure storage of all SCM files (RFQ, PO, subcontracts, transit, customs receipts and payments …).

Key Responsibilities

  • Follow Nigerstar 7 / Subsea 7 Policies, Processes / Procedures and also propose improvement.
  • Support the Africa SCM strategy in term of Local content and set up local strategy
  • Define and propose local procurement sourcing strategy.
  • Ensure the management of the SCM team within the country
  • Implement a training plan in accordance with skill needs and people competencies.
  • Challenge and anticipate needs in resources and develop appropriate actions to meet the requirements.
  • Ensure a good coordination at all level of the SCM department with the Africa SCM team.
  • Get the best deal from our Suppliers in term of Cost, Quality, price, contractual conditions taking in consideration all aspect of the business in commitments with suppliers.
  • Propose SCM package at tender stage (SCM budget, SCM PMT, vendor list, flow down) to Africa SCM Manager.
  • Supervise the SCM activities in projects (scope of work, strategy and schedule for procuring the goods, procurement package).
  • Ensure that an optimal coordination exists between the different SCM activities (procurement, follow up, transportation).
  • Permanently evaluate SCM performance and improve it.
  • Make sure lessons learnt are captured, consolidated in the processes and disseminated.
  • Develop and maintain a storage system of all files related to transit, temporary importation, “to re export” items and customs duties payments.


  • Prequalification of Suppliers/Subcontractors considering compliance, quality, safety records and performance evaluation.
  • Maintain ISO 9001 Certification for Procurement/Subcontracting.
  • Authority/Dimensions


  • The Country SCM Manager is authorised to commit the Company and carry out his/her duties, under the authority of the Africa SCM Manager and of the Country Resident Manager, within the approved budgets and for the approved requisition for purchasing;
  • The Country SCM Manager is not authorised to commit the Company on his own. Any commitment with third parties must be authorised by budget holders.

Working Conditions

  • The majority of the work is carried out in the main office of the country.
  • Position based in Lagos, Nigerstar 7 office.

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