Administrative executive


Job Summary

Coordinate office activities and operations to secure efficiency and compliance with company policies

  • Minimum Qualification: Degree
  • Experience Level: Entry level
  • Experience Length: 1 year

Job Description

Note: candidates should be willing to relocate to Owerri in IMO state

Responsibilities and Duties:

Supervise administrative staff and divide responsibilities to ensure performance

Manage agendas/travel arrangements/appointments etc. for the upper management

Manage phone calls and correspondence (e-mail, letters, packages etc.)

Support budgeting and bookkeeping procedures

Create and update records and databases with personnel, financial and other data

Track stocks of office supplies and place orders when necessary

Submit timely reports and prepare presentations/proposals as assigned

Assist colleagues whenever necessary

Supervision of operation

To plan, organize, and administer the activities of his/her department, office, or division efficiently.

To keep informed of new developments relating to his/her function and to maintain a creative and

experimental attitude toward change, in order to continuously improve the operation of his/her area of responsibility.

To recommend the organizational structure and staffing that complement his/her area of responsibility.

To interview and recommend to the Management personnel for hire when required.

To establish and maintain an organizational climate that encourages the development, retention, and a high level of morale among personnel.

Keep his/her immediate supervisor informed of activities of the unit, particularly of major or unusual developments, and seeking his/her advice and counsel.

To promote an integrated effort in the administration of the School by cooperating with other administrators and

staff and coordinating his/her activities with theirs when such action is indicated.

To implement, interpret and work with EMTI’s policies and programs accurately and constructively.

To recommend the budget for his/her department, office, or division and, within limitations established by the board or Management, to administer his/her budget.

To represent EMTI and attend professional meetings as authorized by his/her immediate supervisor/Management.

To provide information and reports to the board at the request of the Management.

To implement a plan to supervise students attending

courses during the day, in the evening or weekend.

To perform any other duties assigned or delegated by his/her immediate supervisor.


Proven experience as an office administrator, office assistant or relevant role

Outstanding communication and interpersonal abilities

Excellent organizational and leadership skills

Familiarity with office management procedures and basic accounting principles

Excellent knowledge of MS Office and office management software.

Secretarial studies will be an advantage

Advanced Training in office administration or relevant field is preferred

Quality assurance:

Ensure all procedures and processes are up to date

Ensure staffs use all documented procedures, handbooks, and processes as written.

Ensure systems are working in all departments. Report non-working systems for immediate review. Report staffs that do not understand systems.

Ensure staffs do not attempt to create any systems without confirming with management.

Ensure duties are done properly and efficiently. i.e. Risk assessments, cleaning, admin duties, logs, all duties all departments…

Ensure staff training and exercises are carried and logged (records)

Ensure we have a positive can-do attitude in all situations

Ensure we report lack of improvement

Ensure you work with a plan at all time. (plan your routine and keep the level of consistency required)

Study and check the tasks sheet every day.

Ensure all staff enters into concrete routines.

Prepare for the main roles, Send task, prepare for the other routine tasks and duties. Be a link between departments and admin. 

Ensure that all the admin are updated with ALL information that is relayed to admin (unless it is deemed personal)


Ensure petty cash remains petty cash not project money. Unless stated.

Ensure financial request is sent in the right format

Ensure funds are not misused

Ensure logs are up to date and accurate (matches up)

Ensure total honesty when handling finances


Check and update the tasks sheet into an organised document

Ensure people stick to their plan or inform of changes in good time

Ensure tasks are sent in by 5 pm every day.

Ensure updates are sent with position and tasks

Update movements

Ensure all tasks and priority tasks are planned

Ensure management is aware of all tasks and has approved priority tasks

Documentation, Privacy, and data:

Ensure NO staff accesses data

Ensure we do not request, obtain or use any student’s data directly at the site

Ensure staffs do not discuss personal issues or financial issues with one another

Ensure we store data as written in our handbook and procedures

Ensure we enter the correct information when we are handling documents. Including

forms, postage, and figures.

Ensure we report ANY attempts by guests and users of EMTI to misuse data. Attempts to call our staff, requesting information or harassment of our staff is strictly prohibited and must be reported.

Write reports on students, contractors and service users based on behaviour and incidents.

Calls and phones:

Handling calls as appointed by Management

All admin can handle the tablet.

MGMT will give instructions if we need others to take calls or use the admin phone.

Our phones and tablet are directly for office use only. Ensure it stays that way Communication:

Ensure you and staff communicate and work as a team

Ensure you are open and honest

Ensure others opinion does not affect your work or morale

Ensure you do not bring personal issues into work (Good efficient communication must be consistent)

Ensure you relay information in good time

Ensure you make notes and use a checklist to help you remember all

Ensure you support all departments and individuals to keep communication effective.

Report issues with communication immediately.

Ensure you keep professional when discussing or writing to the management office or team.

You need to work with an email on a daily basis. Send professional emails to the mgmt office.

We expect you to be:

Dedicated and committed to your role

Be detailed oriented.

Work to the highest standard (learn and understand the meaning of highest standard)

Consistency is where it begins.

Be extremely positive in all aspect of work

Be a professional (know the do and don’ts of someone in your position)

Be open and transparent with your team and especially management

Set an example by doing exactly what is required by your management at all times. Stick to the procedures and use your initiative to request adjustments or updates if necessary

Work on your development and measure your performance while keeping the owners updated.

Respect your management team and demonstrate the level of maturity needed to work with and alongside them. (We must see who can work alongside the owners)

Do your best and become part of a dynamic team and let us know about any challenges

you face or that is hindering your progress. (including if you have other commitments or

distractions away from work)

Experience in an international company or very modern company is preferred.

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