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A reputable school situated in Lagos seeks to fill the above position with suitable and qualified persons.

Job Brief:

  • The School Administrator will provide leadership and administration which will motivate instructional and Admin personnel to strive for superior performance so as to provide the best possible opportunities for student growth and development, both educationally and personally.

Performance Responsibilities:

Instructional Supervision and Staff Development:

  • Effectively supervise the instructional performance of the teachers through frequent and ongoing observation.
  • Identify staff members whose performance is marginal and develop appropriate instructional improvement programs.
  • Provide appropriate opportunities for the staff to increase curricular and instructional expertise.
  • Provide assistance to the professional staff in developing effective classroom management and discipline techniques.
  • Monitor team teaching activities and coordinate student grouping.

Personnel Selection and Assignment:

  • Assist in the selection and assignment of staff based on knowledge of ability, qualifications, past performance, and school needs.
  • Demonstrate a concern for heterogeneity in staff selection and assignment.
  • Implement an effective induction program for new staff.

Personnel Evaluation:

  • Implement the personnel evaluation program utilizing adequate observation time.
  • Recommend dismissal of unsatisfactory personnel.

Curriculum Development, Supervision, and Evaluation:

  • Demonstrate a knowledge of the school curriculum.
  • Implement the approved curricular scope and sequence.
  • Utilize test results in analyzing program effectiveness and identifying areas needing improvement.
  • Lead the review and/or recommend for approval all elementary textbooks and curriculum materials.

Student Assessment and Monitoring:

  • Emphasize student achievement as the primary goal of schooling.
  • Administer systematic and effective methods of objectively monitoring student progress.
  • Monitor and assist in the development of Individual Educational programs for all students identified as exceptional.
  • Supervise health, guidance and attendance services.

Establishing an Effective Workplace:

  • Maintain adequate student discipline through the implementation of a fair and effective discipline code.
  • Encourage positive staff morale.
  • Define, articulate and promote the internalization of the school philosophy.
  • Demonstrate prudent risk-taking and vision in the interest of school improvement and establish and clearly, communicate building priorities and long-range goals.
  • Promote a tightly managed environment collectively committed to quality instruction.
  • Monitor and coordinate student extra and co-curricular activities.
  • Ensure that student and teacher schedules are developed which optimally utilize available resources.

Establishing Effective Communications:

  • Implement an effective method for reporting student progress.
  • Communicate effectively both orally and in writing with the various elements of the school community.
  • Develop open communication by respecting differences of opinion and reacting appropriately.
  • Effectively communicate and support management team decisions and school board policies.
  • Conduct planned meaningful and effective meetings as needed.

Decision Making and Problem Solving:

  • Make decisions in consideration of alternatives, consequences, and applicable research.
  • Avoid crisis situations by anticipating problems and making timely, clearly communicated and effectively implemented decisions.
  • Follow established administrative protocol.

Community Relations:

  • Personally interact with parent groups to promote positive school/community relations.
  • Inform the community of school activities through appropriate media and encourage parent and
  • community participation in those activities.
  • Promote the incorporation of community resources into the school program.

Personal Development:

  • Demonstrate continued personal growth through participation in professional activities and organizations.

Building and Asset Management:

  • Supervise the implementation of rules and procedures for student and staff safety.
  • Promote an aesthetically pleasing environment in the school.
  • Monitor building, office and equipment maintenance.

Record Keeping and Financial Management:

  • Provide for the maintenance of accurate and current personnel, student and fiscal records.
  • Supervise the preparation of accurate budgets and effectively monitor expenditures.
  • Ensure the accurate and efficient preparation of required reports and requisitions.


  • Provide for representation of the school at the community, Local, and state organizational meetings, functions and events.
  • Perform such other tasks and assume such other responsibilities as the Head of School may assign from time to time.




Job Level

Manager (Staff Supervisor/Head of Department)




Administration & Office Support and Education/Teaching/Training

Job Type


Minimum Qualification


Preferred Years of Experience

5 - 7 years

Application Deadline

2 months from now