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Journalists/Researchers are required to populate our repository of corruption in Nigeria. We are trying to build the biggest independent online database of official corruption in Nigeria. The URL for the project is: fantasticallycorrupt . org . It is important to read the details of this site in order to understand what we are trying to achieve.


This database will include lists and details like:

Public officers who have been found guilty of fraud and corruption crimes; 

Public officers currently facing pending court cases


Details of unsolved fraud and corruption in government and official agencies and the public officers who were in charge when these crimes were committed. We need this with a view to pursuing these cases, independently of government. etc 



Format Of The Report:

We do not want unnecessarily lengthy articles. Our reports must contain the essence of the cases, with links and/or photos and documents for further reading. We do not want to bore off our readers with extremely lengthy reports. At the same time, we do not want to give shallow reports. What we want from our researchers is that important writing skill that captures the essence of a story with as few words as possible.


The link, below, is an example of what some of our stories will look like. This is one of the simpler Stories, so it will not be out of place for the more complicated ones to be two or three times larger than this. This just gives a rough example of what we want:


Fantastically corrupt caseid=2 (no URLs allowed in the advert, unfortunately)


This is a big project that we expect to cover the entire history of Nigeria, but we will start from recent years and work our way backwards, gradually. This task will potentially go on for a number of years.


This is not a commercial project, so researchers should not expect commercial rates. However, we think it will be ideal for part-time weekend worker, for freshly unemployed graduates who who can build up some work experience while earning some money.


Who do we want?

Applicants must - in their response to this job advert - give a detailed explanation as to the ways in which they will conduct their research and how they intend to approach the task. Those who can show good examples of any previous writing or research work have a better chance of getting the role. All users must have access to their own laptops and internet connection for research purposes and for updating the site. 

The researchers must a good standard of written English. Those who submit consistently good reports will be retained for longer and paid a higher fee.



At the outset, we are looking for people who will work just one or two days a week (ie weekend work). We expect roughly 1 or 2 reports per day (this will include research, typing out the reports and updating the web site accordingly). Please note that the 1 or 2 reports requirement is just a rough guide. The quality of the reports is more important than the quantity and we are happy to accept a report that spans a number of days, if it involves meticulous research. If you think that a report will span more than 2 days, please get our permission before you proceed.


At the onset we will pay the researchers N7,500 per day for new researchers on trial, rising to N10,000 per day if we are happy with the quality of your work and hope to retain you (usually after a couple of months). 

The happier we are with the quality of your work, the more we will be willing to pay to retain you.

Please apply with examples of your previous writing and/or researching and with a detailed explanation as to the ways in which you will conduct your research. 



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