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A firm in the financial sector seeks qualified candidates to fill this role


Purpose of the job:

  • To strategically plan, coordinate and manage all marketing and communications related activities for the bank.
  • Promote and sustain customer satisfaction, loyalty, and retention through market research and surveys.
  • Ensure positive market feedback and brand perception.



  • Define the marketing mix per segment and provide data & insight to support business development strategy
  • Development of the annual marketing plan
  • Propose and monitor the validated marketing budget
  • Define and manage the customer journey across each product segment and propose an adjustment based on the customer experience
  • Development and refinement of marketing goals, pricing strategies, promotional activities and branding in consultation with staff and clients.
  • To build unique selling propositions and differentiators for the products and provide support to boost sales of each of the product in the market
  • To deliver a customer experience that evokes a sense of ownership, acceptance and belonging for the target market
  • Prepare report and continuous indicators for measuring customer service delivery to EXCO & branches and follow-up on the action plan
  • Regular surveys, feedback sessions and events to measure levels of satisfaction or dissatisfaction of customers
  • Monitor client retention rates and organize regular customer engagements
  • Design, implement and monitoring of customer reward and loyalty schemes to sustain customer base and encourage referrals
  • Ensure high quality customer service standard for the network
  • Building and sustaining a reputable image for the brand within identified markets to gain favorable market share and gain customer trust & loyalty for the brand.
  • Maintaining a visible brand identity by ensuring uniformity for internal & external branches based on the Group brand manual.
  • Ensure that the brand is visible, positive and compliant on all material/support
  • Animate the brand ambassador campaign for the branch network
  • To develop messages and speeches which talk to each segment for each product and services
  • To create communication materials
  • To manage media planning and media buying for communication materials
  • Monitor & evaluate the impact of each media campaign
  • Below the line communication : Organize road shows, tradeshows and market storms to create awareness for products and services
  • To provide relevant industry related information that may guide the development and introduction of tailored and innovative products for target markets.
  • Market count, background research and zoning for network expansions
  • Mystery shopper activities to measure brand acceptance and collect feedback on brand perception and acceptance
  • Mystery shopper activities to monitor competition and stay up-to-date with trends to strategically position ourselves favorably within existing and new markets
  • Direct market analysis and research to identify trends and opportunities in the industry
  • Competitor watch and monitoring
  • Organize and participate in social events that support each product/brand objective and will create an avenue for target market to connect emotionally with the company brand.
  • Organize & partner events that support bank's objectives for clients, products, services/brand all through the year
  • Organize internal events to sustain customer loyalty and brand love
  • Develop and participate in corporate social initiatives to provide support and development for host communities within the environment
  • To ensure all Staff are up-to-date on internal activities, events, awards or social initiatives
  • Maintaining Staff interaction and contribution through publication of news and motivational pieces on the intranet.
  • Direct the creation of internal communications, press releases and speeches compliant with brand standards for all internal & external communication by stakeholders.
  • To ensure all stakeholders (external publics) are provided up-to-date information on product, services and industry related updates.
  • To ensure website has up-to-date information on brand, product & services
  • Search engine optimization
  • Monitoring and collate information for social performance monitoring
  • Provide reports and update to the SPM champion at the board


Key Performance Indicators

Customer satisfaction

Brand awareness & perception management

Customer loyalty & retention

Feedback monitoring – to and from all touch points and to all stakeholders



  • Creating and Implementing a Marketing Plan: Defining needs/Building the marketing plan/Risk management/Managing the execution timetable/Execution reporting/Analysis of the results
  • Production of Marketing Content: Creating marketing and external communication material and content/creativity
  • Production and analysis of marketing data (survey, studies e.t.c):Market studies/Analysis of marketing data/Recommendations
  • Communication Media: Selecting communication media/Analysis of the effectiveness of each channel
  • Marketing Project Management: Follow-up of IT project management standards (scheduling, execution, monitoring-control)/ Selection and managing of service providers
  • Competition Watch: Monitoring the competition/Analysis of market practices
  • Analytical Skills: Ability to analyze topics covered/Understanding the various steps involved
  • Organization Effectiveness: Managing tasks and deadlines/Documentation and archiving
  • Software Knowledge: Mastery of Word, Excel, PowerPoint (and equivalent software programs)
  • Reliability of Work: Self-checking/Diligence/Accuracy
  • Integrity/Quality of Reporting Information: Sharing of information/Transparency/Respect of corporate values and code of ethics
  • Oral and Written Expression: Writing documents (communication material; policies; memos, etc.) / Oral presentations

Behavioral Skills

  • Ability to Adapt and React Fast: Adapting to work situations/ Identifying tasks to be done
  • Autonomy and Initiative: Degree of autonomy in carrying out missions/ Taking initiatives / Independence
  • Ability to deal with Problems: Handling difficult situations /Stress management/ Ability to step back
  • Relationship skills and Availability: Sense of service/ Listening / Individual communication
  • Listening Ability: Listening/Respecting instructions/Openness to learning
  • Teamwork/Team Spirit: Participation in collective missions /Solidarity/ Helping each other out
  • Team Motivation and Management: Motivating the team/Employee relations/Administration for the team/Planning/Coordination/Supervision/Control
  • Strategic Management and an eye for Opportunity: Setting strategic directions/ Staff management / Preparing and managing a budget / Planning/ Anticipation
  • Developing employees’ skills: Knowledge management/Skills development (coaching, training, etc.)
  • Risk Management: Anticipation and control of risks and ability to provide pragmatic solutions
  • Management and Individual Relations: Structuring /Defining individual objectives / Organization and follow-up of missions/Effective delegation
  • Setting an Example: Collective sense/Integrity/Guarantor of order/Transparency
  • Leadership/Team –Building: Team building and motivation/strategy and direction/Decision making


  • University degree in Business, Marketing, Communications or Public Relations
  • Other Relevant Professional Qualifications
  • Work Experience:
  • 5- 7 years in professional B2B or B2C marketing and marketing communications experience with at least 3years in management position
  • Previous experience and good industry knowledge in financial services, FMCG or telecoms sector
  • Experience in advertising agencies, media planning, digital and social media agencies is a plus.


Skills & Knowledge:

  • Demonstrate strong innovative and creative skills to understand consumers, how they are influenced, how to trigger behavior change, how to drive purchase and how to drive engagement through actionable communications content and programs.
  • Good knowledge and experience with Microsoft Office Suite (Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint), analytical reporting (Google Analytics) and social media/blogging platforms (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google+, etc.). Understanding of and experience with leveraging social media management and analytics tools Competence in using Microsoft Office (Word; Excel; Outlook) ;
  • Strong skills in marketing communications, public relations, and social media industry knowledge and interest, as well as proven skills and initiative to stay current with the latest trends.
  • Possess ability and skills to conduct market and customer surveys and relevant studies necessary for making management decisions.
  • Possess excellent Customer service skills, orientation, and background to formulate strategies, set goals and develop an action plan towards achieving customer service objectives.
  • Strong oral and written communication skills
  • Ability to multitask within a high pressured and challenging environment.
  • Possess excellent critical thinking and analytical abilities to solve problems and provide solutions




Job Level

Manager (Staff Supervisor/Head of Department)




Marketing / Advertising / Communications

Job Type


Minimum Qualification


Preferred Years of Experience

5 - 7 years