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Daveshoope Kids Code Academy

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About Our Company

There are thousands of kids out there who want to learn to code (and even a larger number of parents who want their kids to learn to code). We also understand the critical role that computers will play in the future and how this is shaping education today. The Daveshoope Kids Code Academy was created to prepare youngsters to shine and thrive in this future.

We teach computer programming unconventionally - our audiences are children and teenagers, from 7 years old (or younger) - in Primary and Secondary Schools, or home on holidays. We teach them to code and show them how to use that ability to build games, apps, animations and artificial intelligence. We are a company of the future because we are disrupting the average idea of tomorrow.


The Job

Our Code Coaches help these youngsters find their footing writing code and mentor them to unleash their creativity into building mind-blowing apps, games, animations and software.

Being a Code Coach at The Daveshoope Code Academy is more than just a  job. It is an opportunity to mentor the next generation of tech geniuses that will build the future. It requires using your computer programming knowledge and passion for teaching to mentor young children in primary and secondary schools, either in groups or individually, using very interactive and fun environments such as Scratch, Blockly, Tynker, Python etc to introduce kids to programming and guide them to build cool stuff. We start with easy platforms and guide them deeper gradually. The learner's creativity usually determines how far we can go - into robotics and artificial intelligence and beyond.

The role of a Code Coach is also very flexible as we work within a schedule. Either school timetables, weekend classes or holiday boot camps, and these schedules can be flexible, allowing coaches to still freelance or put their skills to other productive uses because we understand that our ideal candidates are highly skilled and driven people who have several ideas they are trying to bring to life.



Does the job describe you?

Your ability to take a group of kids who have never used a computer before, introduce them to basic concepts of programming and work with them in the areas of their individual interests (with lots of resources available) and guide them to build real stuff that they can share with the world will make you stand out, be successful and earn more on this job.


You will need to have been familiar with computer programming, possibly have built some stuff before, but most importantly be fast enough to learn new trends in development and the tech industry at large. Once you can code in any language, you will be able to use the tools we mostly use.

You will need patience to be able to work with kids and teens - some of whom could be very smart, others not-so-smart at first, and others could be quite distracting. Imagine putting them all in one class and having learning fun with them. Patience is key, but if you love fun, then you can do it.

Eloquence and ability to communicate well is critical to success on the job. Sometimes you will need to interface with schools, parents or even go on radio and TV to showcase your work and display what your students have learnt. You should be able to pitch also to prospective clients. It's important.

Because our service is in high demand across the country, the potential for us to go beyond Uyo or Akwa Ibom in the near future is very high. You don't have to be willing to move initially, but if you show us potential to be productive in the event that we have an opening in say Abuja or Addis Ababa, then you're more of an asset to us.

What and How will you earn?


For starters, you will earn a fair pay per class you  teach. Meaning the more kids or classes you can teach, the more you will earn. This makes the job flexible for you to combine with other commitments you may have. When we are sure you love the job, are productive and we see a future both you and the company, then we can add other administrative responsibilities that attract more pay. We call that regularization.


Once regularized, you will have access to:


A laptop

Health Insurance

Company branding resources (t-shirts, stickers etc)

Access to trainings

An amazing community of creative people








Daveshoope Kids Code Academy

Job Level

Fresh Graduate/Entry Level/Graduate Internship


Akwa Ibom


Information Technology

Job Type


Minimum Qualification


Preferred Years of Experience


₦35,000.00 ‐ ₦85,000.00 per month