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Green Compass Recycling - Sunray Ventures

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Green Compass Recycling is a company within the Sunray Ventures group of companies, set up to address the adverse environmental and health implications of the mismanagement of electronic and electrical equipment (“EEE”) (“e-waste”) in Nigeria. The company collects EEE and e-waste and ensures that such material is recycled in an environmentally responsible manner. The recycling business has a major impact on the communities we operate in, contributing significantly to a cleaner environment and creating jobs.


  • The company is currently conducting pilots on the collection, reuse, and recycling of e-waste. In order to scale-up our operations, the company has established a 7,000m2 recycling facility in the center of Lagos for the disassembling of EEE and processing of e-waste in accordance with international best practices.

The Role

  • As Head of Engineering, you have the complete-end-to-end responsibility of the operating model of Green Compass Recycling, which includes responsibility for all of our processes, designs of the network and facilities.
  • You will lead the engineering team, which works to ensure a continuous increase in efficiency through improved setup, facilities, processes, training of staff, and monitoring and ensuring compliance.
  • You also ensure that all of our operational setups comply with the international best practices in terms of health and safety standards.

Major responsibilities include:

  • Ensure efficient design of the whole recycling network - setup of processes, designs of facilities;
  • Ensure alignment of designs with a strategic vision of the company;
  • Lead the engineering team and build engineering skills as a core competency of the company;
  • Ensure availability and organization of all layout plans, process designs, training materials, etc.;
  • Prepare and deliver staff training for process compliance;
  • Monitor process implementation and proactively propose mitigation actions in case of issues;
  • Oversee continuous improvement in all operational areas.


  • Engineering background, MSc level degree in Engineering or another science field (mathematics, physics);
  • At least 5 years of work experience in related job role;
  • At least 2 years managerial experience with direct reports;
  • Qualification in Lean Six Sigma or similar;
  • Excellent oral, written, and mathematical abilities;
  • Highest ethical standards;
  • Entrepreneurial and leadership aspirations, ability to work in a team.


  • Opportunity to work in a forward-looking, innovative company, with an international group of colleagues;
  • Unlimited career opportunities – depending on achievements and personal development;
  • A competitive salary and benefits package with a long-term prospect in a fast-growing company.

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Green Compass Recycling - Sunray Ventures

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Manager (Staff Supervisor/Head of Department)





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1 - 3 years