Relationship Manager


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A firm in the financial sector seeks qualified candidates to fill this role


Grade  Grade/ Career Level :(BO, SBO, AM)


Reporting Responsibilities

Reports to Team Leads


Job Objective(s)

Seek and maintain customers via day to day call activities, while documenting calls made daily via a call memo. Promote the image and values of the bank under existing environment of stiff competition and a growing emphasis on quality customer service. Creation of quality risk assets and effectively manage balance sheet along target lines. 


Specific Roles and Responsibilities

  • Assist unit head in preparation of budget/budgetary estimates 
  • Prepare credit approvals memoranda (CAM) for the attention of the unit head in accordance with the Banks’ credit policy guidelines and ensure loan accounts are operated within ‘credit approval’ limits. 
  • Maintain a CABAL that is commensurate with budget and overall projections for the branch
  • Ensure that all income are properly captured at transaction point
  • Prepare customers’ loan applications and collate/direct data to the approving authority through the appropriate channels
  • Effective and constant monitoring of medium level customers account balances with a view to beefing up same
  • Render all credit/risk asset reports, deposit liability report and LDR status report to the unit head on a weekly basis
  • Promptly process new investment request and review existing investment/liquidation request accurately.
  • Appraise credit requests from customers and make appropriate recommendations to unit head
  • Balance sheet management
  • Keep abreast of local and national economic, financial and political events which may impact on deposit liability generation and credit facilities.
  • Any other duties/functions given by the Cluster Head
  • Identification and Marketing of prospects within the target market
  • Gather intelligence information on product performance, customer attitudes and new business/product opportunities for the attention of the Cluster Head.
  • Identify customers’ needs, proactively seek to provide products/services to meet such needs and advice on appropriate selection of banks products
  • Effectively manage customer relationships (internal and external types)
  • Efficiently and effectively liaise with internal departments – CSU, FTL/Clearing, Admin including other Branches and departments
  • TEAM   
  • Report directly to the Team Lead or his relief
  • Delegate appropriately


Key Performance Indicator

  • Perspective Objective Measure
  • Financial Grow Assets Risk Asset - (Achieve 100% of set target)
  • Financial Grow Deposit Current Account Balances (Achieve 100% of Set Target)
  • Financial Grow Deposit Savings Account Balances (Achieve 100% of Set Target)
  • Financial Grow Deposit Tenor Funds
  • Financial Grow Deposit Bonds & Guaranty
  • Financial Grow Deposit Number of Accounts Opened
  • Financial Grow FX/Trade Volume Trade Volume
  • Financial NPL Ratio
  • NPL Ratio must not exceed 3%
  • Financial Grow Profitability PBT
  • Financial Grow Revenue Grow Revenue
  • Financial Grow Revenue Commission & Fees
  • Financial Reduce Dormancy Rate/Activate Dormancy Rate
  • Customer Franchise Customer Satisfaction
  • Service Quality
  • Process Usage of Alternate Channels
  • Percentage of Transactions on Alternate Channels Using Cards & POS Deployed
  • Process Usage of Alternate Channels ATM Uptime
  • Process Operational Risk Controls and Compliance
  • Number of Operational risk controls and compliance issues raised
  • People Trainings
  • Attend 3 Internal/External training programs. 


Job Requirements

  • Minimum of 2nd class lower in first degree 
  • Work Experience 
  • Minimum of 3 years banking experience, preferably in marketing.
  • Skills
  • Ability to identify key players in market
  • Good interpersonal skills 
  • Ability to work under pressure
  • Should be able to work with less supervision
  • Show reasonable ‘Team-work’ skills
  • Trace of Negotiating/Selling skills
  • Knowledge
  • Good knowledge of banking operations, products & customer segmentation
  • Personalities and attributes
  • Aggressive pursuit of goals
  • Persuasiveness and consistency
  • Resilience
  • Pleasant and friendly disposition 





Job Level

Manager (Staff Supervisor/Head of Department)




Banking / Finance / Insurance and Building Design/Architecture

Job Type


Minimum Qualification


Preferred Years of Experience

3 - 5 years