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E-Conext is a Switzerland based government certified technology group. A leading online learning and working market place. It is our mission to change the way working and learning is combined. Giving access to the global working economy anyone, anywhere, anytime by bringing together the vast opportunities of online, remote and freelance working with e-learning opportunities is the future of work. Thereby teaching skills that are in demand with jobs that require those skills. Bringing global working opportunities to your home. One of the fastest growing groups in their field with activity across 10 countries.


What we offer:

  • Fast growing tech environment
  • We help our users achieve their career goals
  • Fast career progression, no matter what your background
  • Building an extraordinary career
  • Competitive salary with extremely attractive bonus payments(On Target Earnings: Up to N450,000 monthly)


The Job:

  • Train our users on how to use E-Conext and prepare the user for the global job market
  • Create webinars, videos and live chats to increase group awareness on a daily, weekly and monthly basis
  • You are well aware of teaching techniques and know how to involve storytelling to bring across your message
  • Change and transform existing belief systems
  • Attack status quo and create change


Who is Right for Our Company Culture?

  • You are enthusiastic and incredibly passionate about online working
  • You believe it can change the status quo and help millions to take control of their future
  • You are enthusiastic about the possibilities of the future
  • You have experience earning money online
  • You want to create change and don’t want to wait for it to happen
  • While reading this you can already think of many stories to include in your training to change the audiences' mindset about working
  • You learn extremely fast and are open to constructive criticism
  • You work extremely hard and go the extra mile
  • You MUST have earned money online
  • You must have excellent English skills (written and spoken)


Who Does Not Fit To Us?

  • You think being late or leaving early is acceptable
  • You want to work 9-5 - you want to earn average pay
  • You want to live an average life and you can’t create change
  • You wait for the future to happen
  • You are skeptical about changing an existing belief system
  • You have not earned money online



If you feel you are the right person, send us your CV and a motivation letter.

The motivation letter must include:

  • What can you can bring to our organization?
  • Inform yourself about E-Conext and describe in your words who we are, what we do and why we are unique?
  • Why do you want to work for us?
  • What is an epiphany bridge story and why is it important?
  • How long have you been earning money online?
  • Why did you start working online? (Describe the process from desire to actually fulfilling your dream of working online)
  • What do you want for your career in the next year and the next two years?


NOTE: Please do NOT apply if you don’t fit the above criteria and CANNOT answer all questions in your motivation letter




Job Level

Experienced (Non-Manager)





Job Type


Minimum Qualification


Preferred Years of Experience

3 - 5 years


₦200,000.00 ‐ ₦200,000.00 per month