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Dido Studios is a photo-entertainment media company. We are a team of innovative, passionate and talented professionals who aspire to bring world-class entertainment and branding services to major cities in Nigeria.   

Our hero product/service is PhotoGenic PhotoBooth used mainly for all types of events from Weddings to Product Launch/Activations   

We started in 2011 in Lagos, Nigeria and have been growing at a fast pace since then. Now we are looking for a smart, loyal, and innovative go-getter to help push us even further.   


Job Description

The Operations Manager will be mainly responsible for managing the operations aspects of PhotoGenic PhotoBooth Business.   

This will be a full time job requiring between 60-70 hours of work / week. 

The job would require that  you are available to travel when required to do so, you can also work remotely (from home) in some situations and don’t necessarily have to come into the ofce. 



Manage PhotoGenic Events from Operations StandPoint


Pre Events: 

Ensure pre-event readiness (Template and equipment tested, backdrop matched) 

Ensure that events requirements translates correctly from the Marketing lead and assets like branding, special backdrops, customized props etc are ready 24 hours ahead of event.

Ensure backups are available for key equipments (printer, laptop, cables, high likely failure equipment?, etc.)

Assemble teams for event and in case of multiple events assemble multiple Ops Lead & Ops leads assistants for each event.

As Ops Manager he is the head of the Ops lead and all ops lead reports to him. 

He is expected to lay good example by leading the teams to events and showcasing our products.

Prepare a detailed event expense sheet with cost of pay for team, driver and other financial implications required for a successful event.

Make plans for transportation of equipments to and from the event location to the Ops Lead.

The Ops manager manages all customizing and branding aspects of the business.

The Ops Manager liaise with 3rd party suppliers like prop makers, album makers, SAV and flex makers etc

Post Events:

Ensure the Ops lead Sends Event Report to PhotoGenic Ops Group within 24hrs of the event.

Ensure all equipments are returned intact and packaged safely back at the Office.

Ensure that event photos are uploaded to dropbox before packing up. 

Ensure photo album was delivered to client before end of event (if applicable)

At end of each event(s) Ops Manager sends a summary report on all events done that day to the Sr. Manager/Gen manager providing relevant details received from the Ops lead(s)



Make sure all equipments are in good working condition.

Ensure all equipments are neatly and properly stored.

Create a monthly maintenance schedule of cleaning and running maintenance on all our equipment.



The Ops Manager will be responsible for providing, weekly and monthly reports on the performance of the Operations team and he reports directly to the Gen manager

The Ops manager is also expected to provide reports on our equipments, whats working, whats broken, what we need to purchase and replace etc.


Experience Required:

Ops Manager is expected to have at least 2 Years experience working in the event industry.

Ops Manager is expected to have at least 2 Year experience in activation planning and team organization with relevant people management skills.


Skills Preferred and other requirement: 

At Least Polytechnic Degree complete (BA preferred) 

At least 2 years of Professional Work experience on photography, lighting, software, setup, and troubleshooting 

Knowledge of PC/Laptop (Data entry, word documents and email management) is required 

Knowledge of social media management is preferred 

Key Traits and Soft Skills Required 

Passion, Loyalty, and Integrity 

Strong Communication and interpersonal skills 

Smart, Hardworking, quick to learn and dedicated to attaining set objectives/goals


Other Pertinent Information:   

Candidate will be issued company laptop, internet access, power bank, and mobile phone. 



Base Salary is starting at N600,000.00 to about N1,600,000.00 Annually, adding event based commissions and on successful completions of periodic projects. (open to negotiation based on candidate’s education and experience)  

Pay model: base + stipend based on events completed.




About Interview:

Interview Dates: 22nd Jan - 23rd,Jan 2018


Start Date: 29th, Jan 2018 


Training Period: 29th Jan - Feb 12, 2018  


Internship Period:  Feb 12 - March 5, 2018


Note: Only 1 candidate will be selected for training and internship period and hired full-time based on internship performance.