Head, Environmental Assessment (HEA)

Hospitalia Consultaire

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Hospitalia Consultaire Ltd is an international consultancy/implementation Company active in the fields of Environmental Engineering, Environmental Management, and Public/Environmental Health. The firm was established in 2001 to fill the growing need for African firms to fully participate and maximize their capabilities in the growing fields of environmental engineering, environmental management and environmental health. The firm is built on a foundation of absolute understanding of the local problems in Africa but with a deep resource base of internationally trained and experienced personnel. Since 2001 our reputation has been for reliable, unbiased and straightforward advice, consulting and implementation in all areas of strategy, management, assessment, training and support. With a deep resource pool of professionals, we combine technical excellence with an in-depth knowledge of our areas of activities. 

Our advice is always practical, and tailored to each individual need. By sharing responsibility and working as part of your team, we help you realise a safer, healthier and more sustainable populace and environment



Unit for Environmental Assessment (UEA/EAU)

Principal Unit for the Planning and Implementation of Environmental and Social Management Frameworks (ESMFs), Environmental and Social Impact Assessments (ESIAs), Environmental and Social Management Plans (ESMPs), Development of Impact Mitigation measures, Natural Resource Management Projects, Environmental Risk Assessments, Air and Water Quality Studies, Sustainable Development, Environmental Management Systems (EMSs), Resettlement Policy Frameworks, oversight to Hospitalia Consultaire laboratory functions etc. The Unit also implements Climate Change and Solid waste management projects and Public Private Partnerships (PPP) focused on sustainable development and environmental management


Key Roles

  • EA projects implementation
  • ESIAs & ESMPs process facilitation
  • Technical Proposal preparations
  • Technical report writing
  • Internal report reviews




Role Overview

The HEA is a Senior Manager of the Company responsible for the planning, coordination, implementation and completion of Environmental Assessment and Environmental Management Projects. The HEA is a Management Staff.

The HEA is the Unit Head (Manager) of the Unit for Environmental Assessment. The HEA is also the Environmental Safeguards Advisor of the Company and reports directly to the Head, Projects, Programs & Corporate Planning (HPP&CP).



Specific Roles

  • Assist in driving corporate processes, procedures and Core Values
  • Reports Directly to the HP&P, and subsequently to the Managing Consultant
  • Interphase with the Federal Ministry of Environment and clients implementing EA Projects
  • Prepare budgets for proposed Unit projects and submit to the HA&F for First Stage approvals
  • Conduct training and capacity building for employees under the 
  • Unit for Environmental Assessment (UEA/EAU)
  • Supervise and participate in the preparation of technical proposals for projects related to EA functions
  • Plan, coordinate, supervise and implement EA projects
  • Plan, coordinate, supervise and complete the processes and procedures for Environmental Impact Assessments (ESIAs) and Environmental and Social Management Plans (ESMPs)
  • Ensure that a healthful and psychosocial work environment exists at all times for employees under the Unit
  • Make final requests to the HA&F, to ensure the availability of material resources for administrative, technical and field works
  • Supervise or Participate in the writing and submission of Inception, Draft, Draft Final and Final Reports
  • Represent the Company in meetings, missions, contract negotiations, media conferences
  • Plan, strategize, coordinate, supervise and travel for field projects
  • Plan, strategize, coordinate and implement environmental assessment, climate change, natural resource management, environmental risk management, environmental and social audits environmental policy, environmental management, erosion and coastal zone management, hazardous, solid waste management, chemicals management, remediation, air and water quality projects
  • Procure sub-consultants required for EA projects
  • Ensure oversight, storage control and security of company laboratory equipment and materials
  • Be directly responsible for the management, operations and employees of the Hospitalia Consultaire laboratory
  • Participate in the development of in-house training programs for the Unit and other employees
  • Work together with the HA&F in securing environmental certificates for the Company
  • Conduct monthly and quarterly performance review for Unit employees’ Performance
  • Make recommendations to the HP&P and HA&F for salary increments for excellent performing staff
  • Is authorized by the Board of Directors and Managing Consultant to sign contracts on-behalf of the Company
  • Be member of the Disciplinary Committee
  • Represent the Company in Public Private Partnership agreements as Environmental Safeguards Expert
  • Ensure good public relations with existing and prospective clients
  • Directly supervise the Units’ Principal Team Assistant (s); Team Assistant(s); Laboratory Technician(s)
  • Chair Weekly and Monthly meetings of the Company as delegated
  • Prepare Unit project completion Reports
  • Prepare and submit funds retirement forms on implemented projects.
  • Prepare or submit payment requests on behalf of the UEA/EAU Unit and/or employees for reimbursements.
  • Make payments to sub-consultants on-field.
  • Execute any financial duty assigned.