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We are seeking a great blogger for our website. It's still under-development, and should be ready in a month or two.  We do have a facebook page, and we want to start putting new, articles, videos and several other contents on it to generate traffic to the page. The first month is going to be a trial job, which is going to be a per-time job until the main website is ready. All you have to do is generate traffic to our facebook page by posting viral contents such as articles and news. Posts can even be scheduled daily.


Please note: The main requirement for this job is having a huge experience in blogging, the facebook is just to see how resourceful and how creative you are. If things goes as planned, and you prove to be a resourceful employee, then I will employ you full time to post viral news and gossips on our website, monitor & also maintain the website as an Admin.


Blogger Requirement:

  • Please make sure you have at least 1 year experience in blogging
  • We expect you to know several ways a website/blog can be monitized.
  • You should know how to promote a bog/website.
  • We want someone who is extremely so resourceful and connected.
  • You should be very active in getting latest news. E.g. Hillary just got elected as the new President, It should be on our website in 30 minutes max.
  • You must be a huge celebrity and music lover both Nigerian and Foreign.
  • You must have a stable internet and electricity.
  • Your seo skills must be great.
  • English skills should be perfect, both written and oral. Most times, you have to re-write news titles and sometimes, you have to write short articles.


We can assure you this is a long term job for someone who a perfect fit for this job, there is a lot you will learn from me and there is definitely a lot we are going to learn from you.


More on the job and salary:

Before the website is fully ready and functional, all you have to do is just post on our facebook page viral contents . This could be a 1 hour-2 hours job per day. You can also schedule post which is totally fine. But don't forget this is a screening stage, if we are not impressed by what you doing, then we will definitely find someone more capable to handle the website/blog as soon as it is ready. The salary for this is N10, 000 monthly.


The basic job starts after the website/blog launches and we expect you to post latest news and gossips as soon as they are out or even before they are popular/viral. I expect you to be active because this is a full time job. The salary starts from N40, 000-N50, 000 after the website/blog launches. Your salary will increase rapidly depending on your service.


If you think you are not up for this job or if you have a single doubt that you can't do this job perfectly, then please, don't bother applying. We look forward to receiving and reviewing your applications.




Job Level

Fresh Graduate/Entry Level/Graduate Internship




Marketing / Advertising / Communications

Job Type


Minimum Qualification


Preferred Years of Experience

1 - 3 years


₦10,000.00 ‐ ₦50,000.00 per month