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Job Details

  • All  waitress must usher customers to their seats
  • You must write down your orders and repeat the order back to the customer and let him confirm before taking it to the bar to avoid bearing liability of returned ordered.
  • You must be vigilant and make sure that tables are kept clean at all times
  • You must look clean, tidy and smell fresh by using deodorant
  • You must study menu always
  • You must know how to open wines & champagne bottles
  • You must carry your trays properly in a professional manner
  • You must always remain in your allocated area of cover
  • It is very important to use your ‘Key Magic’ words - PLEASE, THANK YOU, SORRY AND SIR/MADAM
  • You must submit your monies/cash to the cashier IMMEDIATELY after customer has paid you for their order
  • You must report any issues regarding services to the floor manager you are under
  • You must ensure that all orders are placed with the cashier at all times
  • When serving your bottle drinks, open the bottle drinks IMMEDIATELY to avoid bearing the liability of returned drinks




Job Level

Vocational/Semi-Skilled/Unskilled Labour




Hospitality / Leisure / Travels

Job Type


Minimum Qualification

High School (S.S.C.E)

Preferred Years of Experience

1 - 3 years