Electrical Supervisor


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Job Details 

  • The Senior Electrical Supervisor is responsible for the maintenance of art equipment as well as the associated upkeep of the records and repair history and compliance with company policies.
  • He is responsible for the health and surety of all persons under his authority.


  • Ensure that all Third Party personnel including Service Engineers comply with Companies ‘Installation Safety Procedures.
  • Monitor any rig equipment supplied by other contractors or sub-contractors to ensure that it is suitable for use within the areas desired.
  • Ensure that all equipment, including tools and Instruments, under his control complies with statutory requirements, and that it is maintained at all times ins sale condition, or assure that it otherwise is completely withdrawn from service, including tools and instruments in their care.
  • Operations and maintenance of main power systems and all auxiliary and associated control systems on the unit.
  • Execute a preventative maintenance programme in accordance with Companies policy.
  • The detection of machinery malfunction, location of faults to prevent or minimize damage.
  • Operation and maintenance of systems for tire prevention, detection and extinction.


  • Safety is a line responsibility. Each individual member of the company should be aware of his responsibility to ensure safe working in his respective area.
  • Apply Company safety regulations
  • Obtain the necessary safety clearance for the nature/type of work to be carried out, in advance, in consultation with the HSE Adviser and in accordance with safety procedures (i.e. WORK PERMIT),
  • Instruct his personnel before commencing the work to the safety precautions and measures to he observed at work (toolbox meetings)
  • Investigate and report near misses and correct them immediately.


Knowledge in:

  • MS Office
  • SAP
  • KOMS (Kompass Operational Management System)
  • CATS (Case Action Tracking System)
  • EDRS (Enhanced Drilling Reporting System)
  • Computerized Preventive Planned Maintenance
  • Permit to work
  • Electrical hazardous areas certificate


Required Personal Attributes:

  • Commitment to safe working practices, policies and legislation.
  • Good interpersonal, organizational and communication skills in good English
  • Ability to work individually and as part of a team.
  • Be flexible to work outside the normal hours if the situation requires that.
  • Enthusiastic, self-motivator.
  • Willing to travelling.




Job Level

Manager (Staff Supervisor/Head of Department)





Job Type


Minimum Qualification


Preferred Years of Experience

3 - 5 years


₦100,000.00 ‐ ₦165,000.00 per month