Farm Manager


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Farm managers are responsible for planning, organising and managing the activities of a farm. Specific tasks may vary depending on the type of farm but in general include:

  • planning finances and production to maintain farm progress against budget parameters;
  • practical activities, e.g. driving tractors, operating machinery, feeding livestock, spraying fields, etc;
  • marketing the farm's products;
  • buying supplies, such as fertiliser and seeds;
  • arranging the maintenance and repair of farm buildings, machinery and equipment;
  • planning activities for trainee staff, mentoring and monitoring them;
  • maintaining and monitoring the quality of yield, whether livestock or crops;
  • understanding the implications of the weather and making contingency plans;
  • making sure products are ready for deadlines, such as auctions and markets;
  • ensuring current government regulations concerning farm activities are complied with;
  • ensuring that farm activities comply with government regulations;
  • monitoring animal health and welfare, including liaising with vets;
  • maintaining a knowledge of pests and diseases and an understanding of how they spread and how to treat them;
  • applying health and safety standards across the farm estate;
  • protecting the environment and maintaining biodiversity;
  • keeping financial records up to date.




Job Level

Manager (Staff Supervisor/Head of Department)





Job Type


Minimum Qualification


Preferred Years of Experience

5 - 7 years