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Our amiable establishment required the services of a computer operator with the following job descriptions:

The very first responsibility of a computer operator is leading, guiding, and /or coordinating others (staff members); and operating within a per-defined time and budget and utilization of resources to make the environment of company easier from top to down.

Monitor and manage the operations of all host computer systems and Hardware and as well as peripheral devices.

Troubleshooting Hardware Devices (means Proficient in troubleshooting techniques) and Software Processes.

Must work closely with data entry operators and help desk staff to coordinate strongly giving company an accurate and timely computer processing cycles.

A company data is safe and secure if the computer operator is Assisting in providing for the security and confidentiality of the data maintained by Information Services.

Should also Maintain a detailed understanding of the job processing requirements and data flow for all applications systems.

Should configure the software of all the computer systems and should have a sound knowledge of them.

Should exercise its activities regarding the applicable shift processing activities and related end-user activity and ensuring a balanced and effective system’s operating environment.

A Company is secure if it is well maintained by the Computer operator for effective systems backup schedule time to time to overcome future problems. (if it occurs)

Should Maintain and manage computer processing logs and documents and assisting in the maintenance of all run and procedures manuals for computer operations.

Responsible for performing decontrolling and bursting operations of all reports and forms.

Has to Work with programmers and systems analysts as required in coordinating the systems testing environment on the development system and also has to Work with programmers and systems analysts in problem determination for processing errors and the resolution of them.

Maintaining a working knowledge of systems commands, subsystem

configurations, and job control.

Has to closely monitor billing and financial systems as well.

Computer operator play an important role between understanding the data communications configurations on all host and remote systems and helping them in the resolution of end-user communication failures.

Provides an ongoing computer center security and access procedures,maintaining related logs and records to the company’s safety.


Skills and Qualification

  • computer operator should be versatile and energetic at work to perform its tasks and duties efficiently and effectively.
  • “Time Management ” Managing own work on time and distribute the work among the staff members so as to they can do it on time.
  • Planning, managing and figure out any work time for any person is very sophisticated and on the other hand, sometimes its really easy when you have required knowledge and skills; this is what computer operator must have!
  • Must be good at maintaining the accurate records and using pertinent software applications.
  • A Computer operator should have a High School diploma or university degree or equivalent and a minimum of 2 years versatile experience on the job.




Job Level

Experienced (Non-Manager)





Job Type


Minimum Qualification


Preferred Years of Experience

Entry Level

Application Deadline

2 months from now