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Almex integrated services is an organization with a focus on delivering excellent service to the business development resources. We, therefore, require the services of a resourceful and erudite graduate microbiologists to be trained on the following job understandings:


Job Details

  • Controlling epidemics and pandemics is of the utmost priority for microbiologists.
  • Microbiologist contributes to the prevention of communicable diseases, such as tuberculosis, plague, diphtheria, rabies, food borne illnesses and sexually transmitted disease.
  • They may trace the origins of outbreaks or monitor prevalence and spread of diseases already endemic in a community, whether the diseases are spread from person to person or from animals to humans.
  • Microbiologists use a wide variety of laboratory techniques and are responsible for the day-to-day operation and maintenance of laboratory equipment used to perform tests for communicable diseases.
  • They must record test results and maintain highly accurate records for research. Part of this research includes the study of how certain bacteria grow, develop, spread and react to antibiotics.
  • Other research may focus on viruses, bacteria, parasites or blood antibodies.
  • May also test animals or animal remains for pathogens that can spread rabies, Lyme disease and other diseases to humans.
  • Microbiologists are also expected to comply with all federal, state and local laws that apply to public health laboratories.



A graduate of microbiologist or other related disciplines can apply for this post as they are going to undergo rigorous training on the job.

Zero job experience required.




Job Level

Fresh Graduate/Entry Level/Graduate Internship




Healthcare / Pharmaceutical

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Application Deadline

2 weeks from now