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MultiChoice South Africa's activities involve the operation of Pay-Television and internet subscriber platforms. The MultiChoice South Africa group includes the digital satellite Pay-Television business ("DStv"), which has been in operation since 1995.



Job description:

  • Identify suitable space, negotiate availability and finalize an agreement that will result in the establishment of physical infrastructure for the academy, the MTF Director and the Human Resource Team
  • Determine the physical resources, materials and equipment required for use in the MTF Academy and collaborate with assigned company employees to finalize procurement
  • Finalize a curriculum framework and accredited post-school institution with relevant academic programmes to deliver credit-bearing courses for the academic training that is responsive to identified needs and constraints with all relevant stakeholders
  • Finalize an agreement on the delivery of the academic programme with Legal Experts
  • Engage with key industry and regulatory stakeholders, in collaboration with assigned company employees, to secure buy-in and support for the MTF Academy concept
  • Ensure that key stakeholders are identified and involved in an advisory capacity and accordance with the MTF objectives to entrench the MTF as a key industry talent pipeline initiative
  • Investigate and establish partnerships with industry experts to plan the delivery of industry professional master classes according to identified needs
  • Effective and successful management of the MTF Academy
  • Effectively participate and play a leading role in the recruitment and selection of interns according to the agreed strategy, schedule and timelines
  • Effectively manage the MTF Academy to ensure successful implementation and operations and manage MTF Academy plans and schedules as determined
  • Monitor the effectiveness of intern learning experiences while they are placed on productions by means of agreed monitoring and reporting templates and mitigate any challenges that are identified
  • Ensure that the MTF Academy and its programmes are aligned to identified industry needs, constraints and opportunities
  • Provide MTF Academy reports according to agreed reporting timelines
  • Arrange the production of the pre-determined number of local productions (short films) by teams of interns to ensure that they meet with the quality standards of MultiChoice Africa, M-Net and/or their subsidiaries
  • Identify a facilitating producer/s and production facility/facilities for interns during the development of their local productions at rates that are cost-effective for the MTF Academy as a development initiative and finalize an agreement.
  • Provide overall management and oversight of intern conduct while part of the MTF Academy
  • Appoint a Human Resources co-ordinator to ensure successful implementation of Academy activities and intern conduct
  • Manage relationships with key industry stakeholders, in collaboration with assigned company employees, to ensure the creation of goodwill from the MTF Academy in accordance with its business and developmental objectives
  • Participate, as assigned, in various campaigns and events to generate awareness of the MTF Academy and the graduation of interns
  • Execute any related tasks to ensure the efficient and effective operation of the MTF Academy




  • Bachelor’s Degree in Film and TV Production or equivalent.
  • MBA/Master’s degree is an added advantage
  • 10 years’ experience in film and TV production.
  • Demonstrate an extensive understanding of local Film and TV industry.
  • Conceptualize innovative ideas to successfully run the MTF and create social value.
  • Good understanding of modern film and TV production trends.
  • Good understanding of skills development issues in the film, television and related industries
  • The incumbent is required to have the following behavioural competencies:
  • Strategic and Business Acumen
  • Aligns the direction and performance of the MTF with the organisations operational and strategic direction. Understands situations /problems and can identify relationships between multiple variables and make use of inductive and conceptual reasoning to generate strategies based on previous experience.
  • Interpersonal Competence
  • Builds and sustains a network of working relationships based on acceptance, cooperation and mutual respect. Initiate and participate in activities to strengthen working relationships and may effectively resolve arising confrontations.
  • Impact and Influence
  • Through careful preparation may persuade and influence others to agree with and support ones agenda.
  • Initiative and Drive
  • Acts goal-orientated and independently without receiving constant supervision. Understands when to involve others in a decision and demonstrates stamina in difficult situations. Identifies problems, obstacles and opportunities and can proactively take action.
  • Emits motivation and confers enthusiasm to others.
  • Enjoys being creative and can think of new solutions.
  • Inclined to critically evaluates information and looks for potential limitations.
  • Prefers to adopt a long-term perspective and is more likely to take a strategic perspective without losing sight of the operational aspects.
  • A strong preference to work with others in a collaborative manner.
  • A strong interest in the development of people and promoting emerging film and television talent

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Job Level

Experienced (Non-Manager)




Creatives(Arts, Design, Fashion)

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Preferred Years of Experience

10 - 15 years