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SECTOR: Pre-School & Elementary

LOCATION: Lagos, Nigeria


PREFERENCE: Experienced British Educationist (and Citizen)


We seek a qualified, capable and highly proficient individual to work as Head teacher in our newly opened school. Candidate for the post must be a seasoned and passionate Christian educationist with years of experience in teaching, school administration and management. Successful candidate must be conversant with international education at Elementary level and must have relevant experience at international level in the same capacity.


This role is geared towards managing the affairs of the School and working together with the heads of other schools registered under the organization. The ideal candidate will ensure to manage the academic standard of the School in line with the existing Cambridge International Primary Programme (CIPP) Curriculum, and regularly bench-marking the same with other international curricula to ensure the highest academic standards possible. Candidate will also work in conjunction with the Business manager and administrator ensure a smooth running of the daily activities of the IKOYI school.



Minimum of a Master's degree in Education and necessary qualification in School management in particular, with evidence of continuous professional development. Knowledge of, or certification in Montessori Early Childhood education will be an added advantage but not compulsory. Experience in adult training and facilitation will be necessary for regular INSET.


Duties and Responsibilities

The role is multifaceted as such the ideal candidate is required to provide professional leadership and management as follows;


Strategic Direction and Development

  • Work together with the school board and management team to develop a strategic view for the School, identifying and determining the philosophy in line with set mission and vision.
  • Create and develop together with the school board and management team a strategic plan for the school, which is underpinned by sound financial planning and management, identifies priorities and targets aimed at raising achievement and is critical to sustaining school improvement.
  • To consult, develop, implement, monitor, review and evaluate policies for the delivery of the overall aims and objectives, ensuring these take account of national and global trends, local and school data, and research findings.
  • Create an ethos which provides a collaborative educational vision of excellence and direction which secures effective teaching and successful learning and achievement for pupils including sustained improvement in their spiritual, moral, cultural, mental and physical development.
  • Ensure the commitment of all those involved in the school to its aims and objectives.
  • Ensure that the management and organization of the school supports its vision, aims and objectives


Learning and Teaching

  • Determine, organize and implement a diverse, flexible appropriate curriculum for the school within the overall framework provided by an integration of the CIPP Curriculum (for core subjects), Nigerian national Curriculum (for other subjects) and another appropriate International curriculum. Also implement an effective assessment framework.
  • Create and maintain an environment and code of behavior which promotes and secures good teaching, effective learning, high standards of achievement, good behavior and discipline.
  • Monitor and evaluate the standards of learning and teaching in the school, ensuring that appropriate standards of professional performance are established and maintained and that underperformance at all levels is challenged.
  • Assess, monitor and evaluate the curriculum in order to identify and act upon areas for improvement and to develop a personalized learning culture within the school.
  • Produce and revise as appropriate a School Development Plan (SDP) relevant to the needs and development of the pupils and of the potential resources available to the school.
  • Monitor and evaluate the quality of Learning and Teaching in the school, including Special Educational Needs, using data to support and implement strategies for ensuring inclusion, diversity and access.
  • Develop and maintain effective partnerships with parents, careers, the community and other schools. Extend pupils’ learning experiences, their achievement and personal development by creating effective links with business and industry.
  • Participate, to such an extent as may be appropriate in the teaching of pupils in the school, including the provision of cover for absent teachers where required.
  • Participate in, attend and represent the school at all educational association programmes and activities of which the school is a member, and utilizing the benefits that such programmes offer for the benefit of the school and its staff.


Leading, Managing and Deploying Staff

  • Responsible for the selection and recruitment of the teaching staff in seeking to ensure the best available people are appointed where necessary.
  • Manage the arrangements for the deployment, effective allocation of work and supervision of all teaching and support staff in the Schools to maximize their skills and contribution to the improvement of the quality of the education provided and the standards achieved
  • Implement and sustain effective systems for the induction and management of staff performance, coordinating arrangements for the performance management and appraisal of teaching staff, support staff and his or her self.
  • Lead professional development of the staff by example, ensuring that all staff have access to advice and training and development opportunities appropriate to their needs, including needs identified through Performance Management systems in accordance with the Schools’ Development Plan
  • Coordinate information management sessions in a bid to ensure that teachers at the Schools receive information they need in order to carry out their professional duties.
  • Ensure that the professional duties of the Schools’ staff are fully carried out and fulfilled
  • Develop and maintain a decision making structure that will provide the staff with opportunities for participation, while at the same time establishing channels of communication, including the use of formal procedures, to solve problems and resolve conflict.


Deployment of Resources

  • Working closely with the Administrative office and Central Office to set appropriate priorities for expenditure, allocate funds and ensure effective administration and management of all resources (including man-power)
  • Ensure effective and efficient utilization of deployed resources to cater to identified needs in line with projections, while at the same time optimally managing unforeseen issues
  • Create a security conscious environment, via the effective management of personnel to cater for the pupils, staff, School buildings, grounds and their contents, and foster Health and Safety
  • Manage, monitor and review the range of quality, quantity and use of all available resources in order to improve the quality of education, improve pupils’ achievements, ensure effectiveness and efficiency and secure value for money



  • To be responsible for the efficiency and effectiveness of the Schools to the Director of Studies and Board of Trustees
  • Present twice a year (Mid-year & end of year) a report coherent, understandable and accurate account of the Schools’ performance to the Director of Studies and the Board of Trustees, maintaining and providing adequate and appropriate records, statistical data, etc.
  • Foster and maintain a good and cordial community relation




Job Level

Manager (Staff Supervisor/Head of Department)





Job Type


Minimum Qualification


Preferred Years of Experience

5 - 7 years


₦400,000.00 ‐ ₦750,000.00 per month