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To function as active member of the engineering team at the actual location of project by coordinating the delivery of the specific customer requirement. Ensures that all task assigned to team are completed within allowed schedule and conform to expected quality and specification.


Duties & Responsibilities

Essential duties/key job roles and responsibilities include but are not limited to the following:

  • Deploy to site and start work as per instruction from team lead
  • Responsible for installing and commissioning active telecommunication equipment (Radio transmission), power, which includes batteries and rectifiers, and small civil work (Plinth).
  • Physically carry out assigned task at the project site which include but not limited to climbing, work at height, hoisting, pulling, manual lifting, coupling etc.
  • Must be able to conduct and document Technical Site Surveys.
  • Adhere strictly to appropriate and approved quality and EHS processes depending on project requirement.
  • Use smart tools to achieve project deliverables as delegated to you by Team Lead
  • Feedback task completion status to the Team Lead for on-site verification against approved standard.
  • Report any issues or discrepancies at the site to the Team Lead real time that will permit application of appropriate solution to issues raised.
  • Work with Team Lead to ensure that all project and EHS related issues, incidents and accidents that occur at the project site are documented using the approved template.
  • Contribute to defining the project delivery plan.
  • Receive all installation documents - Site Installation Documents (SID), Site Installation Report (SIR), Installation Checklist and EHS compliance document from the Project Manager.
  • Deploy to site, receive material if required and start work per instruction, guide and plan
  • Work with other team members to ensure appropriate and approved quality and EHS processes are strictly followed during implementation , depending on the project requirement.
  • Physically support team members in carrying out assigned task at the project site
  • Complete Integration and configuration of installed equipment per approved plan to achieve customer requirement
  • Use smart tools to achieve project deliverables where required
  • Feedback project reports to the Project and Quality manager for further business use
  • Report any issues or discrepancies at the site to the Project Manager in real time that will permit application of appropriate solution to issues raised
  • Document all project and EHS related issues, incidents and accidents that occur at the project site using the approved template
  • Enforce approved EHS procedures on site.
  • Manage tools allocated to team.


Expected Output

  • Below are key outputs expected of the Field (Site) Engineer:
  • Achievement of assigned work package within SLA.
  • Site Documentation. E.g. pictures in specified templates
  • Self-checklists.
  • Customer-validated deliverables. E.g. ATP



Required Education:

  • SSCE or any relevant vocational qualifications.
  • Required Working Experience:
  • 1 to 2 years work experience, preferably in a telecommunications operator environment.


Required Certification(s):

  • Relevant vendor certifications.
  • Any relevant vocational certification.


Knowledge, Skills & Attitude

  • The following are required of the Site Engineer:
  • Has a good understanding of the Telecom roll out process in general
  • Problem solving capability and negotiation skills
  • Must have understanding of tools, application and correct operation, as required in different tasks.
  • Must have good understanding of different customer scopes and agreed SLAs, which include time and quality requirements.
  • Must possess good knowledge of various Survey scopes and requirements of each.
  • Must have excellent installation and operations knowledge of equipment (Radio transmission and power) from different vendors.
  • Should have minimal knowledge of project management goals and processes. Should be cost driven with focus on first time right, not overlooking quality and time (targets).
  • Is capable to work under pressure to reach challenging targets - Is a team player but can be self-supporting
  • Must have positive orientation towards continuous improvement and feedback from Team Lead.
  • Technical knowledge of: Antenna & feeder installations - 2G, NodeB/3G, 4G/LTE Installations & Integrations - Power installations
  • Good management of teams and personnel.
  • Highly analytical in problem solving with ability to apply original and innovative thinking.
  • Must be able to communicate effectively with Team Lead, team members and possible Project Manager.
  • To be flexible in approach and be comfortable with a fluid organizational structure that requires both team work and self-sufficiency as necessary, with the ability to work under minimal supervision.


Working Conditions

  • Extended work hours.
  • May require travel – local and international.
  • Working under pressure.


Physical Requirements

This is a physically demanding job and the incumbent is required to stand for extended periods of time, climb and work at heights, lift heavy objects on a regular basis and do repetitive tasks with few breaks. The incumbent must possess satisfactory physical and health / medical status, examined by certified practitioners or institutes. Might be required to work with electricity (up to 240V or 450V).




Job Level

Experienced (Non-Manager)


Cross River



Job Type


Minimum Qualification


Preferred Years of Experience

3 - 5 years


₦80,000.00 ‐ ₦140,000.00 per month