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SAO Capital is seeking to engage a consultant to conduct an End of project evaluation for a 3year intervention program in the Niger Delta. SAO Capital under its Advisory business support many socio-economic development programs in the Nigeria Delta in order to improve standards of living of communities in the region. SAO Capital supports projects in collaboration with a diverse range of donor partners including bilateral and multi-lateral aid agencies, federal and state government agencies in Nigeria, private companies and foundations. With an overarching goal of increasing income and employment in the region, the Foundation has four distinct but interrelated program areas. 

They are: 

An economic development program focused on generating opportunities for pro-poor market development and employment generation.

A capacity building program that will build the service delivery and engagement capacity of government, civil society and communities.

A peace-building program that strengthens conflict resolution mechanisms for enabling integrated peace and economic growth.

An analysis & advocacy program that improves analysis and understanding of systemic constraints to growth in the Niger Delta region. SAO Capital expects to publish in public domain the findings from this exercise hence; it expects a credible and industry-accepted standard and approach to be used. Likewise, SAO Capital intends to use information gathered to future improve programs/interventions, identify lessons learned, and for decision making about resource allocation in similar interventions.


The program’s goal is to create sustained momentum towards improved local governance in Nigeria by building accountable and effective local government through capacity strengthening of local governments and civil society for improved service delivery in Nigeria. The objectives of the program are as follows: 

Strengthened Local Government Capacity: The Program strengthens functioning of local government councils and administrations and builds practices that allow greater public participation in LGA decision making.

Increased transparency of local government operations: The program focuses on LGA budget and finance operations and other key procedures such as procurement to bring greater transparency. This includes supporting a more participatory budget process, enhancing internally generated revenue mobilization, supporting localizing federal laws pertaining to transparency in public sector operations. 

Increased capacity of local organizations: The program supports state and community based organizations to influence process of local governance and demand accountability and transparency in governance. The program strengthens their monitoring and oversight capacity as well as ability to network, build common agenda and strategies.

Improved service Delivery: The program targets assistance to strengthen service improvement plans, policies and implementation.

 This TOR is to engage an independent consultant, to carry out the evaluation of the project in the LGAs in States that it was implemented.


 The purpose of this evaluation is to help SAO Capital evaluate the achievements of the project against its set objectives; in addition to using it as an opportunity to document learning, make recommendations for future support.


Scope of work

  • The evaluation should help to answer questions relating to the program impact, effectiveness, efficiency, relevance and sustainability: 
  • Impact: What changes did the project bring about?
  • Effectiveness: Were the project’s objectives achieved? Did the outputs lead to the intended outcomes?
  • Efficiency: Were stocks of items available on time and in the right quantity and quality? Were outputs delivered economically?
  • Relevance: Were the project objectives relevant to beneficiaries’ needs and SAO Capital’sobjectives?
  • Sustainability: Are the benefits likely to be maintained for an extended period after the project ends? Additional detailed questions below are not exhaustive but a guide of types of questions to be answered through this study. Consultants are expected to provide detailed questions including data gathering tools to SAO Capital. Please note that objectives as used in this context include targets and results. Priority ranking on these questions will be agreed at the project briefing meeting upon contract signing:

To what extent were the program objectives achieved?

Were the objectives achieved on time?

Review and assess the Project’s collaboration and engagement with governmental bodies, civil society actors and local communities and comment on the strength and sustainability of these partnerships.

Review the sustainability of the initiatives/achievements undertaken by the Project.

Assess how gender and youth concerns were addressed in the project.

What were major factors that influenced achievement or non-achievement of objectives?

 What has happened as a result of support through the project to beneficiary organizations and their communities?

What were the intended and unintended outcomes of the project

What is the level of increase in income as a result of the project?

How many jobs were created as a result of the project?; Total number of beneficiaries

To what extent did the benefits of the program continue after funding ended?

What were the major factors which influenced the achievements or non-achievements of sustainability of the project?

For future programs, what should be done differently?  

Review the effectiveness of the overall Project structure, which include partnerships under the project.

Assess the role of the project in capacity building of local partner organizations.

Review and assess the efficiency of implementation and management arrangements of the Project.  


This role is a contract with possibilities of extending or turning into a permanent position. Field work including (phone/skype calls) key informant interview for respondents in the State and Abuja will be required. Travel to the field to meet with respondents, LGAs, Government ministries and communities for a few days will be required also (2-3days).

Food, Flights and accommodation will be provided outside of Abuja.



Qualifications and Requirements:

  • Good University degrees with extensive experience in development program evaluation. 
  • Good demonstration of carrying out governance related evaluation would be required. 
  • Good understanding of monitoring and evaluation framework will also be required as both quantitative and qualitative data responding to targets, indicators, results will be collected. 


If you are interested and available, kindly respond by submitting ONLY 3 documents: CV, a sample of previous similar work and a one-page ‘Statement on proposed Methodology’.

Please intending applicants should please submit an application before 10am Monday, 22nd August 2016 




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