Executive Assistant

Seven Six and Ten Interiors Limited

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Job Details

  • General assistance of the Managing Director on the management of the Company;
  • Assisting the Managing Director with the general management of the Company, participating in all decision-making processes;
  • Assisting the Managing Director with the general oversight of the day-to-day running of the Company’s affairs reporting to the Managing Director;
  • Assisting the Managing Director with the general oversight of the proper functioning of the Company’s stores reporting to the Managing Director;
  • Assisting the Managing Director with the general oversight of the sales of Company’s products reporting to the Managing Director;
  • Recommending proposals and strategy for general growth of the business of the Company.
  • Assisting with the development of strategic plan by internal and external realities and opportunities; presenting assumptions; recommending objectives.
  • Taking a wide view of the Company's development and encouraging the achievement of both short-term financial results and longer-term initiatives - managing their implementation and delivering structured progress reports.
  • Provision of business analysis to support strategic initiatives.
  • Involvement, in conjunction with the Directors in strategic planning for business of the Company.
  • The performance and performance review of the Company as a whole and of income generation sources.
  • Enhancing communications within the Company to enable speedy and effective decision-making.
  • Initiation and implementation of a creative programme for improvement and change in order to affect positively the Company's culture and enhance its performance and standards.
  • The implementation of objective-driven projects to carry through the range of initiatives necessary for the Company’s overall development and growth.
  • The implementation of leading industry practice to enable the Company to compete and to be the go-to institution for the Company’s line of products.
  • Planning, directing and coordinating the daily operations of the Company;
  • Putting in place appropriate and adequate administrative and managerial structures and processes for the efficient running of the affairs of the Company and for the attainment of its objectives;
  • Overseeing the administration and management of all personnel of the Company and all matters relating to personnel affairs;
  • Overseeing the effective and efficient manage of all assets of the Company;
  • Evolving and maintaining a Stock Keeping and Tracking System;
  • Efficiently managing the resources of the Company and over seeing the management of the finances of the Company;
  • Assisting the Managing Director with the management of human resources.
  • Providing marketing support to the Company as a whole.
  • Direct involvement in the promotion of the Company and the development of potential business opportunities.
  • Assisting with the development of the Company’s website, social media, public relations and managing any external consultants assisting the Company in these areas.
  • Contributing to and developing marketing plans and strategies;
  • Acting as a contact between the Company and potential customers;
  • Maintaining and developing relationships with existing or potential customers in person and via telephone and email by providing support, information, and guidance;
  • Producing proper and adequate records of all your activities of the Company including but not limited to financial, accounting, personnel, assets and other such records that are necessary for the properly tracking and capturing all information related to your activities in the Company;
  • Contributing to team effort by accomplishing related results as needed;
  • Undertaking such other functions or activities that are required to further the goals and objectives of the Company and as may be directed by the Managing Director or any other such person in the Company that you report to; and
  • Promote the Company’s interests at all times and to carry out such other duties as my be assigned to you, consistent with your status and position in the Company