Supervisor (Blow/Injection)

Geeta Plastic Prodcuts Nig. Ltd.

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Geeta Plastic Products Nig. Ltd. is a manufacturer of injection and blow moulded plastic packaging products and rotogravure printed sleeves based in Lagos 



Take daily attendance of operators on the sheets provided by the administration department. (This information must also be submitted to the administration department who will then return the document). If operators are absent reallocate the operators accordingly (operators should be kept on consistent machines as much as possible). Maintain an orderly flow of workers during break time. 



Execute the job order given from the production department. This means that you should make sure that the mould and colour changes requested by the production department on the job order take place at the appropriate time. Once a target is achieved, or material has been exhausted, you should alert the maintenance department that a mould change is due, or supervise the change of colour by the operator. Once a mould change or colour change has taken place you should alert the quality department to check that the production is acceptable. You should also alert the mixing department if any material needs to be moved (night shift should arrange materials on the pallet so that it is not confused by the operators). Use the intercom as much as possible to avoid leaving the floor  


If the material is running low, alert the mixing department first. If material is incorrectly supplied or is late, alert the mixing department first. If there are quality issues, alert the Q.C department first. Then raise a memo to the Human Resources Department to report any mistake by any department. 


Rejected pieces should be recorded in the job order provided by the production department. It will be collected the following day. All machine breakdown issues should be reported to the maintenance department immediately and should be logged in your note book.


At the end of your shift you should verify the qualify of goods produced by counting with the counting department. If stores take any of the days production they should minute it on the counting job order and sign, you must also counter sign. If you think there is a mistake on the job order, tell the production department immediately.


First Aid

Request first aid supplies from the Admin department in a timely manner. Dispense these supplies when necessary and maintain a record. 



Qualification: Degree/Diploma in Engineering or its equivalent 

Experience: 5 years



Geeta Plastic Prodcuts Nig. Ltd.

Job Level

Manager (Staff Supervisor/Head of Department)




Manufacturing / Production

Job Type


Minimum Qualification


Preferred Years of Experience

5 - 7 years