Human Resources Manager


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The Human Resources Manager will be responsible for carrying out the following tasks:

  • Developing, Coordinating and Administration of Human Resources Policies and Procedures.
  • Minimising exposure to risks and ensuring organisational effectiveness and efficiency.
  • Designing and Maintaining a competitive and merit-based compensation management system in support of the company’s vision and strategy.
  • Responsible for selecting the best possible candidates to fill vacancies.
  • Providing Human Resources Administrative functions in the areas of recruitment, training and development, people and performance management.
  • Supervising and monitoring the Payroll and Compensation Administration.
  • Investigating grievances, complaints and legal actions and providing support in resolving disciplinary issues.
  • Responsible for compliance to all employee laws such as Health, Life and Pension Policies.
  • Conducting orientation program to new employees.
  • Collaborating with employees to ensure that welfare services provided are in line with management and employee needs.
  • Supervising the liaison with Vendors for administrative supplies as well as equipment/facilities and building maintenance.
  • Monitoring and reviewing the system of performance appraisal along with line managers and department heads.
  • Developing and implementing corporate Human Resources strategy in line with short to medium term aspirations of the firm.
  • Managing the Company-wide staff training budget; recommending, implementing and reporting on the approved training programmes.
  • Proactively developing, revising and implementing Human Resources policies in order to improve efficiency.
  • Developing and implementing best fit career and succession planning framework and providing career counselling to members of staff.
  • Developing job descriptions for all new positions and reviewing and revising job descriptions as appropriate.
  • Proactively reporting on, and advising Executive Management Committee on all strategic Human Resources issues.
  • Driving the harmonisation of the preferred company culture.
  • Reviewing, updating and maintaining proper filing of insurance policy, Human Resources Handbook, Company's Doctors’ List, Performance Appraisal Form and Training Schedules.
  • Performing other duties as required.