Job Posting Guidelines and Rules
The following rules govern the posting of jobs on and the conduct of those who are registered users of our site.

In addition to agreeing to's Terms and Conditions for Employers, every user agrees to these rules and conditions before posting a job on and users will be reminded of these rules every time a new job is posted.

Postings found to be in violation of any of the guidelines may be removed or suspended without warning and the poster will be notified. Interpretation of the rules is at the sole discretion of These rules may be changed at any time without warning or notification. Posting on is a privilege and reserves the right to suspend that privilege on an individual basis for any reason.

Note that Jobberman is not under obligation to refund any advertiser whose job is deactivated as a result of violation of our job posting rules.

We may however allow the advertiser to correct his mistakes and we can return the job back to the website.

Please protect your password; if others post inappropriate material to using your account, you risk being banned from the service.

General Guidelines for Posting Jobs
  1. Post only real jobs and positions; multiple job descriptions or job titles must be created as separate job postings.
  2. All information contained in postings must be clear and accurate, not misleading in any way, and contain sufficient detail. Postings which require the user to "email for more details" are not supported.
  3. Your job postings must be free from grammatical errors and misspellings.   
  4. Use only professional language in your postings and do not post jobs that contain inappropriate or offensive language or material.
  5. Identify yourself as an agency in your ad, if you’re one.
  6. Do not post jobs for any competitor of or provide links to any other jobs website.
  7.  Do not post jobs that contain hyperlinks, website addresses, email addresses, phone numbers, or physical addresses. If you wish to receive your applications in an email or want applicants to be redirected to a website to apply, you can specify this in the Application Collection Option section of the job posting form.
  8. Do not post training courses and fairs. They are not jobs.
  9. Do not send unsolicited commercial email, unsolicited SMSes, or make unsolicited phone calls regarding promotions or advertising of products or services to a user of
  10. Do not post any jobs that require upfront or periodic payment, promote work-at-home or home-based vacancies, or promote any get-rich-quick schemes.(Note: Required costs for things such as documents, training, or union dues that are a condition of employment must be clearly stated on the job listing.)