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Follow Your Passion And Find Your Dream Job.

There are times you need to reflect on how far you have gone in achieving your dreams.

There are times you need to ask yourself this question:

Am I following my dreams or my parents’ or friends’or colleagues’?

Let’s go on this journey together. Why?

Jobberman.com is out to help people build their careers and make them better persons in the society. We believe you need this.

Some truths are timeless: The critics, your critics, will always be there, lurking and worthless.


I had a very bright young woman in my office this week for an interview. She was bright,clever and fantastic, but I have to admit, I was not buying her very well-expressed desire to join the team.She was engaging, she was alive but with this  last question, I realized she missed it- “what  is your passion?”

I realized that her passion was not for this line of  business — online recruitment — it was for something else. Maybe that something else could be considered a hobby, maybe it could be considered a small business, maybe it could be considered to be not so quite very prestigious as the other fancy names and pedigrees that popped like fireworks from her resume,may be… (thinking)

So she said ‘ I have  a passion for fashion but …….’. ‘Wait’ I said

That’s her passion so what happened?

So I asked “Why don’t you go and do that? That’s what makes you passionate, that’s what makes you alive, that’s what makes you happy. Why don’t you go and do that and be amazing at it?”

And her answer comes rolling back, quieter now, eyes turned down, “Well, my parents / friends / colleagues / classmates don’t think it’s very impressive and that I should be doing something else with my time — something more valuable.” Did she say something more valuable? Fashion is non-valuable? My mind went to Zizi Cardow , Deola Sagoe and i said to myself , if fashion is non-valuable and these ladies are doing fine, then I  am interested in that ‘non-valuable thing’

So I asked her: “When have great things ever been accomplished by doing what other people wanted you to do?”

And count the years between here and birth — your birth, on the occasion of the country’s birth — and count the years between here and death.

And count the words of your loved ones, and your family, and your friends, and your kids, and your own words in your own head about who you are and who you want to be and who you always wanted to be. And realize that that is beautiful. And that is what you were made for.

And count the words of the critics and naysayers and the negative people in your life and the words they’ve piled up like stones for you with their wants and their desires and their demands of you.

Count the piles and feel their weight and add them up and ask yourself…

Which one do you want to carry with you to the end? Which one do you want to carry for the rest of your days?

Which one is worthy of you?

I concluded “The only thing that will stop you from fulfilling your dreams is you”

Keep your dreams alive. Understand,to achieve anything requires faith and belief in yourself, vision, hard work, determination, and dedication.

You have a job when you follow your dreams 🙂

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