Wield Your Power!

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Wielding Power

Movies have different effects on you, depending on the content of the movie and your reason for watching. Some movies teach you lessons you can hold on to, for a very long time.

I saw this old movie, “Coach Carter”, over the weekend and thought it was worth mentioning. And what I particularly saw as significant in the movie is reiterated in “Karate Kid” and “Facing the Giant”. That is, building muscle in your area or field of interest and career.

I’ve come to understand the fact that, you don’t learn the art of a career and become excellent at it, if your roots are not well developed and built up. You need to deal with the foundational stages and build your muscle to the extent where you can wield your power in your chosen career.

Dre Parker in “Karate Kid” had his first lessons building his muscles, the process of removing and putting on his jacket seemed torturous at first, but the fruit of the process was later harvested. The same theory is seen in “Coach Carter” and “Facing the Giants” with the number of pushups, stone walls, and athletic exercises they had to go through.

This same theory should be applied in our lives. Every excellent writer has read a lot of books. Every excellent singer has listened to and sang a lot of songs. Every excellent athlete has exercised, practiced and ran a lot. Every excellent business man has been involved in business and learnt a lot. Everyone that has excelled in a chosen career has built him/herself up in that line.

To wield means “to have and exercise something”, “to be able to hold and use a tool”. You need muscle and prowess to be able to effectively and efficiently use a tool or ability.

You want to become the hammer-wielding god, Thor? You have to first learn how to lift, use and be effective with the hammer.

Okay, so what you do right now is boring, incapacitating and outside the field you are interested in. Or you don’t have the job you want, yet:

  • Learn and give what you can at the place you are now. You will need the knowledge to incorporate in your career.
  • Look for points of interest and fun where you are now, it will help you look at things differently and see important things you can use in your career.
  • Walk with people that have interest in and are building up career in that field and similar fields.
  • Embrace social media. Follow respected people in that industry. Like pages that talk about things associated with that field. Follow up online conversations.
  • Take courses that build you up in your career and field of interest.

You’ve got to first have the power and the muscle, before wielding it. Remember that.

It’s a beautiful Monday. Plan your career, build your career muscle. Wield it.

Suggest other ways to build your muscle, by dropping your comments and suggestions in the comments section below.

Nathan Jeffery
Notification Bell