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Why am I so Disorganized? Help Me!

Get Organized

Cluttered desk, scattered clothing and messed up outlook, all serve for a messy life. In a world that is filled with constant activity and work, getting ourselves organized is top of the mind for everyone working at giving and getting something great from life.

If you are just starting out in a career line, or already on the rung of your career ladder organizing the details and bits of your life is a major concern.

Do you experience a constant feeling of mental tiredness and catching up? Do you feel like raising up the flag, surrendering and giving in to all the constant pressure in your mind? Or you have this constant nagging at the back of your mind on a zillion things you have not accomplished? You need to get more organized!

  • Multitask Right: Multitasking can be a very distracting phenomenon if not done well. Multitasking works and is most effective when one task is mindless, like folding cloths, or can be set aside for automatic processing for a length of time. You can reply emails as you are doing some other thing. You can’t multitask effectively if both tasks require attention and high energy.
  • Cut the Clutter: Throw out things that are useless. Give away stuff you no longer need. One key way to avoid clutter is to have a place for every section of items, so that when you replace things in the particular places they are meant to be. Ask yourself what is essential? What things help me work effectively?
  • Make Things Easy on You: Maintainance is key in everything that requires continuity. Make it easy for you to maintain, avoid complex filing systems and inconvenient storage method. Keep everything simple and easily accessible. Don’t make it difficult to find and use items.
  • Create a Workstation Environment: Create an environment that makes it easy for you to work, at home, at work. Make your work table comfortable for your sitting position.
  • Plan Your Day by writing it down and putting it on your phone and mark out your tasks as you accomplish them. Use a task manager to keep track of tasks and responsibilities.
  • Be patient and take your time, effective organization takes time. So you need to take it one step at a time, without putting pressure on yourself. 

    How do you get yourself organized? Please share

Nathan Jeffery
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