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When an Interviewer is Late!

Virtually every interview guide you find out there admonishes interviewees to ensure they get to the venue of the interview or appointment, between thirty to fifteen minutes of the scheduled time.
Several reasons abound for this admonition top of which is to show that you as an individual have a penchant for timeliness and also, to aid you in settling before the interview begins.
Thus, time and again, at talks, seminars and job fairs, the same message is repeated in an emphatic manner considering we as Africans or Nigerians are known to have a poor reputation of timeliness hence, the cliché “African time“.
Unfortunately, society, professionals and human resource consultants have turned a blind eye to the fact that these days, interviewers as well are beginning to turn up late for appointments which they themselves scheduled.
You may be quick to argue that they are executives as such, they have an extremely busy schedule which isn’t far from the truth however, being an executive or a top level manager involves you being able to effectively and efficiently plan and manage your time.
Another thing is the disregard that executives sometimes exhibit towards interviewees when they themselves arrive late. It is a sign of humility and regard for humanity if as an executive, you turn up late for an appointment and you apologize to the interviewee(s). I have learned over the years that it does not make you less of who you are rather; it helps in building a positive image in the mind of the interviewee(s).
Oh! It just occurred to me! You as an executive think since they want the job therefore they at your mercy. How wrong! Or maybe, right! Fine they may be in need of the job but like I tell people, ‘never be desperate to get a job or you may just be desperate to get out!’. Do you as an executive then take undue advantage of someone’s desperation to de-humanize him? That my dear #OgaAtTheTop is not good for business!
Nathan Jeffery
Notification Bell