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What will You Create to Make the World Awesome? [Video]

This video has gone viral too long already.  It’s got everything you’d pay to hear from any famous motivational speaker. It’s simple, hits the bull’s-eye on doing work that matters and it’s from a kid who sounds funny.

Kid President, as he is popularly called, gave a pep talk on “Giving the world a reason to dance.”

Beyond Kid President’s inspiring words, there’s more to learn.

Children are naturally inquisitive and they love taking risks (the kinds that we grow up to avoid).

They easily believe in their wildest dreams – many of us have the slightest belief in some of our “realistic” dreams because we are too careful with our plans or because we fear the unknown.

We just sit, watch others do great work and admire them from a distance.

Success calls for more than what we only think in our heads. Take a leap today or watch Kid President do it right.


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Nathan Jeffery
Notification Bell