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What Criteria Stands You Out as a Fresh Graduate Seeking Employment? {Twitter Tuesday Recap}

JiminterviewWelcome to another edition of Twitter Tuesday Recap; if you are new to this, Twitter Tuesday is a 2-hour session where jobseekers, employers and career professionals alike all convene to share ideas, ask questions, build professional networks and open up their world to new insights and opportunities.

Twitter Tuesday has hosted professionals like Tosyn Bucknor and Oluyemi Oloyede; going by the name, it happens on Twitter every Tuesday between 2pm and 4pm.

In our last session we had Jimi Tewe (@JimiTewe ) share some ideas with us on seeking employment and standing out in the workplace. Jimi, the acclaimed Career Success Catalyst, CEO of Inspiro Consulting and author gave responses drawn from his experience in his formative years as a Management consultant and even while he worked in banks.

These are excerpts from the session;

@Segsywemsy: What is the major criteria that stands you out as a fresh graduate seeking employment?

@JimiTewe: Possessing the requirements to do the job at hand. Knowledge, skills and the right attitude to work. Attitude: willingness & ability to learn fast; working with others, your execution quotient (getting the job done)

@DuruGodwin:How do you handle a nagging client?

@JimiTewe: First you want to calm them down by appealing to their emotions. Next find out what the issue is then resolve.

@profbiodun : Just got a very good job with a multinational, what does it take to to be outstanding in my first year on the job?

@JimiTewe: Congratulations. Take time to understand the business and how your role feeds into it. Do an excellent job..everyday! Then look for opportunities to add more value. Even beyond your regular responsibilities. Own your responsibilities in the company and be known for adding value.

@ujuRosemary: What do you do when you don’t find satisfaction and  joy in your job but don’t have any other job to fall back on?

@JimiTewe: I’ve been there before. TAKE A BREAK! You need time to catch a view of the type of career you want again. Come up with a plan and then go back to that job you hate and start executing your plan. It will take sometime but you’ll get there!

Check out Jimi Tewe’s most recent book titled  Free from Corporate Slavery. He has also authored other books like Where did all my money go?  and How to get a job easily. You can click on @JimiTewe anywhere on this page to go to his Twitter Profile.

Join us next week for another fun session on Twitter Tuesday, come with all your questions using the hashtag #jobbermantips, and expect satisfactory answers from someone you’ll love.

After all, your career is our job. 🙂





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