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Waiting to Get Fired

firedSo, you’re working in an organization and you are in charge of somethings/ an area. You definitely have some duties and responsibilities assigned to you in your organization. Unfortunately, you don’t think you are adding much value, that is, if you are adding value at all. Now, you feel the retrenchment letter knocking at your door. What do you do?

A lot of people when faced with performance issues simply freeze and do nothing. Some people live in denial, some just wait for the worst that wants to happen and let it happen, feeling helpless in the waiting process. If you are in that place of waiting to get fired, don’t just sit in and wait, do something.

  • Speak to your supervisor and have a heart to heart discussion on the issues you are having.
  • Drop your ego. You already know you are under performing, so just face the facts squarely in the face and ask for help from the people that can help you. Even if you have decided to leave the organisation, you should leave knowing that you added so much to the company. 
  • A lot of things can be fixed over proper discussion and clear definition between the parties involved. Don’t be overly defensive in your discussion or else you’ll lose the essence of the discussion.
  • Ask what the expectations are of you, and what the organisation really defines your role as. This way you know what exactly is expected of you from your boss(es). Truly getting feedback from your boss and looking at it objectively sometimes is all you need to be a fantastic member of the organization.
  • Now say what you think and the problems you have that are hindering the effectiveness of your work or performance. Be careful with the words that you choose in describing and explaining your problems. Always remember that good relationships go a long way beyond the present time, so don’t spoil a somewhat good relationship with anger or bitterness.

Be open minded, objective and ready to give everything your best shot at all times. Understand your company culture before proceeding and tread carefully.

What do you think? What should you do when retrenchment is imminent? Share your experience below.

Nathan Jeffery
Notification Bell