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Tips to Writing an Attractive Job Description

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Job Description

Writing a good job description is essential to building a good and desirable image of your company or organization. Your job description goes a long way in showing what your company is about and can endear applicants to you,.

These Tips will show you how to write a good job description:

o    Present information in a logical order.

o    Detail the things most important to you and most appealing to the candidate first.

o    State the job title.

o    Mention whether it’s a blue-chip company, family business, or online start-up.

o    Give a brief company profile.

o    Describe the working conditions/environment, eg: a busy office, working in a team or an autonomous role.

o    List the job responsibilities.

o    List your requirements; educational/academic,‘must have’ skills, special skills (e.g languages), Work history requirements, Qualifications,


 Professional Memberships.

o    Use sub headings to make the details easy to read at a glance.

o    Consider listing key items with bullet points.

o    Ensure you have included keywords related to the role.

o    List secondary items such as where candidate must have worked, residential axis, etc, towards the end.

Nathan Jeffery
Notification Bell