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Think Outside The Box

Editor’s note

We are privileged to have Seye Oke , a published author and resident blogger contribute on the Jobberman blog . One of her books, “A Time to Heal” was honored as a finalist at the International Book Awards 2012. More about this creative writer at the end of this article. Enjoy!

When I was thirteen, someone asked me what I wanted to do with the rest of my life, I said I wanted to be a doctor and specialize in brain surgery (neurosurgeon). Now that I am grown I realize the only reason I wanted to be a Doctor was because that was the only profession I knew at that time, aside from Law and Engineering.  My choice in a career was limited by what I knew at the time. The knowledge of my surrounding affected how much I could conceptualize and how far I could imagine. I based my subsequent decisions on the knowledge I possessed. I look back now and realize how easy my professional journey would have been if I had enough knowledge of the possibilities out there. That would have formed a basis for me to think deep and venture outside my familiar zones.


There are a million and one ways to do a particular thing if you have enough courage to experiment and try out new things. There are more than enough ways to make your mark if you have the guts to break out of the mould. Most companies hire people they believe will make a difference, people that would produce results. If you join a firm and continue to do the same thing like everyone else you are most likely not going to stand out, you most likely will just become another face in the crowd. I used to be a stereotype kind of person until one day I learnt from the school of hard knocks.

I was told to write a simple essay. It was a topic I knew very well, a subject I was most familiar with. I had done so many write-ups on this particular topic that I felt I could write another one with my eyes shut. I opened my laptop and began to type away, putting to pen my years of experience. Joyfully because I believed I was impacting knowledge. Thirty-minutes and then an hour passed by and I felt like my essay was ready to be shown to the world. I read through one more time and mentally gave myself a pat on the back. Surely this was a work of genius, a great piece that would live through centuries.


The next day I handed my write up to my editor. He smiled at the title and nodded his head in agreement. Then he began to read it, I watched his face light up in delight but as he read on the expression on his face changed; from delight to confused to uncertain to simply lost. He looked up at me with a bleak expression and I could see he was trying to frame his words correctly.

“Anything wrong?” I asked thinking there must be some grammatical error or something

“I’m not sure” he responded amused.

“You don’t like it?”

“Well” he said carefully, “It’s an absolutely insightful piece of work but it’s not what I asked you to write about”. It was my turn to stare back in confusion.  It was then I read the title of the article, which I had typed out myself, and read it for what it really meant. It was nothing related to what I thought it to be.  When my editor emailed me the topic the day before, I read one thing but my mind interpreted another. I read the topic immediately boxed into a section in my mind. I ended up wasting so much time to write something that was not needed.


 Don’t get caught up in the usual, don’t allow your mind settle into the familiar that you stop experimenting and taking a risk. There is something about creativity,it gets better with use. There is also something about success,it comes by trial. You would never succeed if you do not try.If the great inventors of the past never gambled on some of the experiments like they did our world will be without electricity, cars and computers, then where would we be?



It’s your life, live it.Take a chance, break the mould and let your creativity find expression. Don’t just think inside,think outside.

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About the author:

Seye Oke is a published author and resident blogger on www.hersides.com. Her latest book, “A Time to Heal” was honored as a finalist at the International Book Awards 2012. Seye works as a Product Marketing Manager for an Internet Company and loves to spend her time quietly with her family.

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