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The unusual interview question the President of Overstock asks every job candidate

If you’re interviewing with Stormy Simon, president of Overstock, don’t just expect boring, ordinary questions like “What’s your greatest strength?” and “Why should we hire you?”

She says her favorite question to ask job candidates is: “If you were an animal, which animal would you be?”

“The animal kingdom is broad, and everyone can identify with a specific animal they think embodies their own personalities and characteristics,” Simon tells Business Insider.

“There are so many different human traits, where in the animal kingdom they put themselves, and why, really gives insight to the person answering the question. For example, just because you love dogs doesn’t mean you would identify yourself as a dog,” she explains.

Good answers, she says, are where the candidate picks an animal that they think truly personifies the traits that set them apart. “People have often chosen the same animal as other candidates, but the traits they describe have never been the same,” says Simon. But they’re not all good answers.

“One time an interviewee said they identified with a red panda because everyone thinks they are so cute and approachable, but it turns out they’re just really lazy. We hired the candidate anyway despite that answer, but we parted ways within three weeks. It just goes to show how important the question is.”

Source: Business Insider

Nathan Jeffery
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