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The Super Hero Theory.

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Taking responsibility.

I read a very hilarious blog post few days ago. The writer went on and on about the lack of super heroes in Nigeria; no superman, bat man, captain Nigeria, Green Lantern. I laughed my heart out while reading the post. But after a while I sat and thought about it, what is responsible for our lack of super hero characters? And I came to this conclusion (an opinion though): we do not have super heroes because we as individuals do not have a culture of taking responsibility for things. You can’t craft a super hero character, one who is ever taking responsibility for other members of the society, if you don’t have an ingrained mentality of taking responsibilities yourself.

We often find it easy to pass on blames from one person, institution etc to another. And, it’s actually pretty easy to transfer blames. We blame our parents, friends, bosses, well wishers, antagonists, government, society etc. Then we compare ourselves to people who have taken the time to take responsibility for everything that affects them.

Heroes and super hero characters are characters that have taken it upon themselves to be responsible for things in their lives and certain things in the lives of others. They work at getting things done and standing in the face of whatever heat may come from mistakes and accomplishments.

The video on 212 degrees talks about going the extra mile in everything you do. The video shares a simple fact; you are responsible for your results. So always put that point at the forefront of your mind, you alone are responsible for the results you get in whatever you embark on.

As individuals and as a community we need to build a culture of responsibility. The next time you fail or succeed at something you need to look at yourself and say “it is my fault”. Pick the pieces apart and pick the parts you need to work on to achieve better. Even when you know somewhere at the back of your mind that there was really nothing you could do, make efforts to take responsibility.

Take responsibility at work, for your country, for your career, for your family. We need to move beyond saying “it’s not my responsibility, it doesn’t affect me, it’s none of my business, and it’s not in my jurisdiction”

People who have done great things are people who take responsibility over and over. Have a mind ingrained in taking responsibility. Individual responsibility, social responsibility, corporate responsibility, organizational responsibility all begin with each individual taking responsibility.

Live up to your name; take responsibility for everything that happens to you. You find answers and will power to do greater things when you take responsibility.

So what if you don’t really like being in the fore-front and you don’t think responsibility is your thing. My answer: “even sidekicks take responsibility for their leaders and the things they do”

Let’s create our own super hero.

What other characteristics do you think super heroes have? What’s your super hero theory?

Nathan Jeffery
Notification Bell