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The Nationwide Strike On Fuel Subsidy: Will It Yield The Desired Result?

Who will win, the government or the masses?

The fight for the return of the fuel subsidy will be taking a major turn next Monday, 9th January, 2011 as the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) will begin a nationwide strike. This time around, all organisations, regardless of sectors, will be marching in a peaceful protest to say “NO” to the Federal Government’s action.

On the other side of the ring, the President has refused to back down on its $7.5billion cutting of the fuel subsidy and he has national and international supporters. In his words, “In the quest for a better society, we may have to take decisions which would, at inception, be unpleasant in some cases. But we must face the reality, be honest with ourselves and ensure that we do our best for our country at all times.”

But it seems millions of Nigerians are not eating that. While some say the theory, though right in practice, is wrong for the Nigerian economy, where the average Nigerian survives on $1 per day, others do not believe in it at all and are ready to fight it at all cost, basing their judgment on the corruption and mismanagement of funds by the government that would ensue.

This is no longer the proverb of the elephant and the grass.  It is now elephant against elephant. Guess, it all comes to the last man standing.

But, while the protest starts next week, it is imperative to advise everyone to be calm, peaceful and of course, keep your head because some evil perpetrators may want to have a field day. (Sure you know them)

The question now is “Do you think the nationwide strike will yield the desired result? How effective will it be considering its impact on you and other Nigerians?” Be free to express your mind.

Nathan Jeffery
Notification Bell