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The 4 Powerful Pillars Of A Successful Career

Rome was not built in a day; so also is a successful career. You are who you are today because of your past experiences, what you have learnt from them and how you have applied the knowledge over the years, coupled with your beliefs and interests. But deep inside you, you know you are cut out for more and your heart yearns to get to that career aspiration you have always dreamed of.

Truth is there is nothing the mind conceives that it cannot achieve; but some of our dreams have been unrealised perhaps because we are distracted by events beyond our control and have lost focus along the line. Some of us might have even crossed out the dreams or thrown them in the dust bin and handed the trophy to discouragement, leaving us more like a broken-down Roman Empire.

Perhaps, this may be because our building pillars are faulty and could not stand the test of time. We need just the right amount of stability and strength to get the cornerstones that can help us stand tall and strong. Without further ado, here are 4 powerful pillars you need to build a successful career:

  •  FAITH in yourself and your skills: If you do not believe in what you can see with your mind’s eye, there is nothing anyone can say or in what you read (not even this article) that can change your mind. Luckily, same goes for when you have full faith in yourself. You will be like a bulldozer that will crush any obstruction. Do you ever feel you are not worthy of success? Do not sabotage your chances any more. Start with a leap of faith and surround yourself with people that see the best in you. You will be surprised at the seemingly ‘impossible’ things you will achieve in a little time.
  •   THE RIGHT SKILLS AND KNOWLEDGE: Possessing appropriate skills makes it easy for you to put your faith into action. For instance, if you have always wanted to be an artiste and you lack musical ingenuity and know-how, you will not last long in the entertainment industry, even if your faith can move mountains. You need to get appropriate training if you lack the required expertise in the career you wish to pursue. For example, if you are a guitarist, you could check out some of the best electric guitars for beginners and buy awesome guitars that are perfect for beginners which would help you on your journey to becoming a very good guitarist. You do not want to cut a tree with a blunt axe. Remember that the right training is a life-long investment that will yield good rewards in the future.
  •  DETERMINATION: When the going is tough, are you tough enough to keep going? If no, what you need is determination to keep you focused and strong. Make up your mind that no matter what comes your way, nothing will deter your purpose. It isn’t easy, I know, but that is the road we have to take on our journey to success. So, if you have lost your perseverance, it is time find it.
  •  THE RIGHT NETWORK: I have mentioned this earlier, though briefly. To build a successful (or woeful) career, you cannot do without people. The kind of network you build as you progress determines the level of career success you will achieve. Connect with people who are goal-oriented and you will discover yourself focused and on point. On the contrary, if you move with people who have an unmotivated attitude to life, you will find yourself always at the bottom of the ladder. Join popular and credible Associations, contribute to online professional discussions, be sociable at get-togethers, be confident when meeting people, do not shy away from responsibilities etcetera. The right network is a catalyst to a successful career.

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Nathan Jeffery
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