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Team Work or Not: Knowing What Matters.

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Teaming up

Team work and collaborative work is almost compulsory in any work environment. There are different views on the advantages and disadvantages of teaming up to achieve set goals.

While we like to think in terms of whether teaming up is good for our productivity or not, we forget the essential things that are foundational to everything we do. We only think of the coin as having two sides, the front and the back. We forget that there are other parts of the coin that hold those two sides together of course there are other components of the coin that tie the two sides together: the edge and the rim without which there’ll be no coin.

Let’s deal with the rim of the teamwork coin, the holding and binding factor of the two sides of the coin. So whether you are in a team, or you are the Do-it-Yourself (DIY) type you need to take note of these things:

Bureaucracy is a show stopper, the output is most important: Those long processes that are time consuming, resource consuming and enervating are annoying. The most important thing is the final product and output; the result that comes out in the end. So, all the long processes need to be cut off or made as short as possible. Save time, resources, do more than just your allotted part. Take ownership for the whole purpose and product!

The Individual is a Team: It is true that a team is made up of individuals, with diverse view, creativity and skills. What is however more true is that, every individual is made up of different parts. So, each person is a team of him or herself. Every individual has different views, is creative and has a combination of skills. Every part of your system works tightly-together to produce your whole. Without the collaboration of your components, there’ll be no you. When you look at things this way, you know it is essential to put in every ounce of energy you have.

Emotion is Contagious: The emotional conundrum that comes with working in a team is sometimes scary. Emotions are good but they don’t matter to the final product. The product or service does not know or care that you are melancholic, cranky and touchy. So, bringing emotional tantrums to play in the crafting of your output and product is downright depressing and energy draining for yourself and other people.

It is cynical that you would expect everybody to understand your temperament and expect them to be perfect. It means you are planning to work with aliens. And if you are the king or queen of negativity and complaint, you ought to keep it to yourself. It’s bad for business.

The Consumer Does Not Care: You were almost through with that job, feeling very proud of yourself and the amount of work you had put into doing your part. Alas, the next person in the chain of work line did not do his/her part when you wanted her to. Now, the product or service is delayed.

Guess what? The consumer does not care about your excuses. I am the consumer. I want my service and I want it, like yesterday. The consumer does not care the amount of time it took you to craft that thing, or the number of people involved in the process of crafting and making. He just wants his product and service.

Everybody is in the Marketing Department: I take that back. Everyone is in all the departments. There’s no such thing as “it’s not in my jurisdiction”. Everybody is marketing the organization in one way or the other. Every element works together to sell your organization/company. This means that no matter how subtle and downplayed you think your part is, you are marketing yourself, your team, and your organization. Take responsibility

Who Takes the Shine?: Unless you want to start frying eggs off your ego, don’t rub all the oil on your body. There’s no need to look like you just got out of a pool of oil, it’s way too greasy and slippery. Don’t take all or most of the shine. That’s just plain theft. Share the glory. That’s why it’s called teamwork. Team Work, Team Shine.

Whether you think it’s absolutely fabulous to work in a team or not, these are fundamental truths that should guide your lone work or team work.


Over to you. What do you think matters most in business?

Nathan Jeffery
Notification Bell