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UNICAF Makes It Easier to Study While Working in Nigeria

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Can you successfully study while working in a city or large urban centres like Lagos, Abuja, Kano, Port Harcourt and many others? If you think the peculiar hustle and bustle of the city life makes it impossible to combine studying for an MBA with a 9-5 job, UNICAF has not only made this possible but has gone as far as making it easier.

Some of the biggest challenges of being able to study while working revolve around the difficulty of not being able to study on-campus, your salary not being sufficient to cover your tuition as well as not having the luxury of taking time off work to study for a degree without putting your career in jeopardy.

Did you know that according to a recent study, about half of the university graduates in Nigeria cannot find jobs? Equally alarming is the fact that a large percentage of those who manage to get employed fail to keep their jobs over what employers have narrowed down to a gap in their education and skill set. This explains the trend of finding career professionals who study while working; a right step in the right direction as experts have put it but how exactly is UNICAF making this easier? Let us take a closer look.

Education Has Moved Onlinestudy while working

UNICAF makes achieving your degree goals while working a reality by providing and facilitating your study via distance learning with the use of advanced technology. This means you can combine your career pursuits with being able to earn a salary without moving away from your loved ones.

You also get to study while working at your own free time and from the comfort of your home as well as paying only a fraction of the cost with the help of a generous UNICAF scholarship.

Degrees Are Internationally RecognisedJobberman_UNICAF_INternational_Certification

When you enrol into any of the UNICAF degree programmes, you are not just assured of studying for a degree certificate but you also get a degree that is internationally recognised both in Europe and across Africa.

Quality degree programmes are delivered online with partner universities in the UK and Africa, which range from  Bachelor’sMaster’s and  Doctorate degree programmes. These degrees reflect the needs of economies in the African countries UNICAF has a presence. Internationally recognised degrees in oil and gas management or finance management can guarantee a wide range of job opportunities in modern African megacities like Lagos.

Save As Much 75% on Tuition Fees

Choosing the UNICAF study while working degree programmes gives you an opportunity to save as much as 75% on tuition fees. To make things better, the rest of your tuition is payable in monthly instalments, according to a customised payment plan, that suits the finances of each individual student.

To find out how UNICAF can assist you with your career while you earn a decent living, visit https://www.unicaf.org/

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