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Stop being nervous – It's only an interview.

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“You look great!” You praise your reflection in the mirror and adjusted the blue and white striped tie. Your eyes flew to the paper lying on the bed and a shudder runs through you. Today is the D-day you have been expecting – Your interview with the CEO of XYZ International. The alarm clock rings, signalling the time to go. You picked up the neat envelope on the table and just before you close the door, you take in one…two…three deep breaths.

“Sam!” You jolted back into reality and looked up to see the smiling face of the receptionist. “It’s your turn now.” You murmured a ‘thank you’ and walked to the large white door. On the other side sits the man that could give (or take away from) you the opportunity you have been waiting for. Your hand shakes slightly on the knob and as you gently open the door, you tell yourself “It is now or never…”

Now, wait a minute! That could be you, right? I mean that has happened to you before…the anxiety that always comes up before the interview, that makes you sweat even in an air-conditioned room, and keeps your eyes darting to the restroom. Don’t worry. It’s normal. You are just releasing adrenalin that keeps your body focused on a particular situation (and so is everyone waiting for the interview) but unlike them, you would not let that chemical control you, instead , you will convert it to energy and use it to your greatest advantage and here are 5 ways you can:

1. Tell yourself ‘You have nothing to worry about’.
Really? Yes! You are worried because you have convinced yourself that you will underperform; that you will embarrass yourself and someone better would get the job. How did you feel before and after the online assessment that qualified you for the interview? If you could make it to this stage, then you should know you are capable of handling any further situation. Put your mind at rest and your body will thank you for it.

2. Imagine you have already succeeded.
This will not only boost your morale, but will also sharpen your brain and help you handle pressure positively. Picture the interview scenario and see yourself acting successfully. You will end up feeling confident and relaxed.

3. Arrive at the venue on time.
This is so important, yet taken carelessly. Have you seen someone who arrived late for an interview? (Perhaps you have not). He/She becomes disorganised and psychologically unbalanced. No matter how much he/she tries, the required level of confidence cannot be attained. Get to the venue on time and steal the show before others arrive.

4. Give your body a break from caffeine.
Before the interview, stay away from caffeine content. Yes, I mean tea, coffee, cococa, chocolate or cola. This is because caffeine raises blood pressure and increases the acid level in the stomach (You do not want your stomach grumbling in front of a panel). Added to this, caffeine steals your sleep, increases nervousness, headaches and leaves you with a jittery feeling (need i continue?). When offered one at the interview venue, kindly reject and ask for water. You will be on the safe side.

5. Sleep and exercise well.
Attending the interview with saggy eye bags is a oh no! situation. Besides your unattractive look, your body will be in a state of stress and your alertness level will be low. Adequate sleep strengthens your memory, helping you to remember and process things better.So also does exercise, which not only keeps you physically and mentally fit, but also gives you better concentration and increases your self esteem.

6. Prepare,Prepare,Prepare.
You know yourself more than anyone else. You understand your strengths, weaknesses, successes and failures, but these will be irrelevant at the interview if you do not know how to communicate them. Therefore, PREPARE the answers to the likely questions, PREPARE the necessary documents (cover letters, resume, certificates, writing materials etc) and lastly, PREPARE your attire. These preparations will drive away every apprehension.

7. Congratulate yourself.
Give yourself a treat, if possible. Regardless of how the interview went, you just successfully crossed a hurdle. Do not give thought to what went wrong or right and do not be too hard on yourself. No matter the outcome, one thing stands sure – You have got an invaluable experience.

Have you experienced anxiety before or during an interview? How did you handle it? Share your experience in the comment box. we would love to hear from you.





Nathan Jeffery
Notification Bell