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Should your marital status be included in your CV?

What do you think?

Should you include information about your marital status in your CV?
Do you think it is appropriate to tell your potential boss about your private life before you even get to meet her? And let’s assume it is; is a document as important as a CV the perfect means to convey that bit of information?

You see, these and many questions usually beg for an answer when drafting the bio-data section of your CV. However, deciding to include your marital status in your CV is a matter of different strokes for different folks.

Remember that in my last article I made it clear that whatever would not help you land a job should never be included in your CV? Well, this pretty much looks like one of such things.

For most employers, this information is very unnecessary. It says nothing about your skills and ability to deliver on the job. Though, this information may be required when preparing your work benefits and other packages, you should at the least, get the job first, don’t you think?

Some may argue against this though. This school of thought believe your marital status should appear in your CV especially as this puts you in a pole position to land certain roles that require the stability and steadiness of a family man/woman. They say married people tend to take their jobs more seriously and stay longer on it due to the different responsibilities and obligation they to fulfill, in which a steady income plays a huge role.

To this I have one question; would your chances of landing such jobs be limited simply because you did not add information about your marital status in your CV? It is an obvious NO. Such information can be provided during the interview or even later when you finally land the job.

So to answer the overarching question, I’d say you should not include information about your marital status in your CV. It’s unnecessary. Period!

I’d love to hear your opinion on this matter. Let’s talk in the comment section.

Nathan Jeffery
Notification Bell