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Short Term Goal Examples That May Change Your Life

A short term goal is any goal that you set for yourself that can be accomplished within 12 months, and may even be accomplished the day you set that goal. Usually these short term goals are smaller parts of bigger, longer term goals that you break down into more manageable parts. Without these short term goals, bigger, life altering changes become harder to envision and, as a result, probably won’t get done. Today we are discussing some examples of short term goals to set for yourself in several different facets of your life. If setting goals is something you have difficulty doing,this article contains a goal setting worksheet, and this course on the basics of goal setting might help make this tough process a little easier for you.

The following aspects of life represent important areas that most people want to improve upon, but view them as daunting because they require a lot of time and effort to accomplish. That may be true, but once broken down into smaller, more manageable components, then the big picture starts to fall into place. Think of these short-term goals as tools to not only better yourself, but to achieve those bigger, loftier goals.

Career Goals

You not only want to enhance your own experience at work, but also the experiences of those around you, and not just your boss’. If those around you are happy, chances are you will be happier, too, and a happy work environment is one where people thrive and succeed. If you’re stuck in a career rut, this course on how to change your career will provide you with five steps that will change your life.

  • Show up to work on time
  • Increase your speed and accuracy
  • Finish your projects in a timely manner
  • If others try to contact you, make sure you respond quickly
  • Manage your time better
  • Keep your workplace tidy and clean
  • Have a good attitude
  • Keep your resume updated
  • Learn new skills
  • Try to cut costs
  • Keep breaks at minimum
  • Recognize and appreciate others’ work
  • Get rid of work-related stress

Personal Development Goals

Mastering this part of your life will have an effect on both you and your loved ones. These will be the most personal and longest lasting goals, and you should never stop trying to improve yourself.

  • Restructure your priorities
  • Hang out with friends more often
  • Visit your family more
  • Volunteer your time
  • Haver a better outlook on life
  • Identify your values and stick to them
  • Read more
  • Learn how to do more things
  • Enhance your quality of life
  • Stay away from negativity
  • Stay away from stress stressful situations
  • Work on communication
  • Avoid conflict
  • Go to the doctor
  • Eat better

Financial Goals

The true mark of a fully functioning adult member of society is having your finances in order. Realizing your means, then living within them is deceptively tough to do, but will eliminate a lot of stress from your life. If this area is particularly difficult for you, then you might want to check out this course on setting financial goals.

  • Set up a checking and savings account
  • Set up a daily, weekly, and monthly budget for yourself
  • Cut out unnecessary spending
  • Get help from an investment advisor
  • Eliminate any debt you may have
  • Save up for a vacation
  • Make sure you have money coming in
  • Live within your means
  • Take advantage of any automatic services your bank may offer, like ones that pay bills or put money into savings automatically
  • Keep track of all transactions

Fitness Goals

This is one of the toughest places to improve, but also the one that will have the longest lasting benefits. That gym membership you buy online tonight will have you living a few extra years down the line.

  • Set up a workout routine that you not only follow, but update as you workout more
  • Set monthly weight loss or cardio goals
  • Walk or bike to work, or get off the bus a few blocks early
  • Get a personal trainer
  • Buy a gym membership
  • Find a good way to distract/motivate yourself while working out, i.e. an mp3 player, books on tape, etc.
  • Buy new shoes
  • Buy a workout outfit

Hopefully we were able to motivate and inspire you to take care of something big that’s been hanging over your head that you’ve been wanting to accomplish. If you still think you don’t have what it takes to take care of the important things in life, then this course on goal sticking may just give you that extra push to help you not only set goals, but reach them, then reap the success that comes with the accomplishment.


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